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The Social Media Influencer

Runtime: 31:31 | Added: 08/30/2019 | Featuring: Scarlett Sage, Shyla Jennings

Categories: College, Facesitting, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Synopsis:  Ever since my stepsister, Scarlett Sage, became a Social Media Influencer, her personality has changed.  She's no longer my best friend, my stepsister, the girl who had to "snuggle" in my tiny twin-sized bed, clutching my body like a doll so she could fall asleep.  We used to be so happy together, but now her happiness is ruled by how many 'likes' her photos get.  She can't be seen out in public with me, Shyla Jennings-- I only have 36 followers.  She is obsessed with building a network of popular friends to go on staged outings where they pretend to "live life to the fullest.".  Scarlett holds her phone in her hand as she tells me about some crises where her ex-bestie has more followers than her.  I'm picking up sticks to throw in a burning barrel, it's a chore that was given to the both of us, but ever since Scarlett's newfound celebrity, I pick up the slack.  Scarlett's ego has been out of control, and I'm getting fed up.  I also suspect her and her former bestie were lovers, and that is where her true outrage and obsession lies.  I decide it's time to show Scarlett, the hard way, that there is more to life than 'likes,' and 'shares.'  She needs to be knocked down a peg, but how is that going to get me off?  Watch the story unfold..



I have really enjoyed watching the videos between Shyla and Scarlett. The two ladies seem to have a lot of chemistry between each other, and also seem like to work with each other which comes through the screen making the videos so much better. Thank you to Scarlett, Shyla and Allher Luv. PS, I think a dream scene would Scarlett, Shyla and maybe Kristen Scott in a series or scenes together. At least for me.


Delightful with touches of fetishy fun. Yes, the magical dynamic between these two! Missa, I love your sense of "sisters" suddenly becoming sincere and open, from which follows all the play. Shyla corners Scarlett, but the wall falls very quickly as Scarlett becomes honest and suddenly available in a way her defenses wouldn't have let her previously. I love the honesty, the confessions when your characters do this. It's brilliant and sensitive writing, brought to life by delightful actors. Wonderful!


This was so good.. These two together always give us wonderful videos


To Missa, thanks for the comment. May i suggest Elexis Monroe as an older character. She is smart, pretty, and very good to play the psychotic's role of a bourgeois woman... Chanel Preston and India Summer could have also the bourgeois look and a perv appetance.

LennBeng / Lenny

Sorry, I misspelled. I mean Alison Rey

LennBeng / Lenny

Agree. Carmen Caliente would be a good choice as Allie. If that's not possible, I suggest Alison Ray


Can Carmen Caliente be Allie. Please, please, please with Shyla and Scarlett on top!


Wow Shyla and Scarlett a lesbian legend and the current lesbian queen a match made in HEAVEN!!!! We need ALLIE for a sequel please!!


Thanks everyone. I think these two ladies together are magic. And to Sebsebosebo-- I think you're right. That sounds like an excellent idea. The goal with this story, Social Media Influencer, was to hit on the dominant/submissive fetish and the actors were allowed control the roleplay to their comfort level, and so they surprise all of us in how they'd like to steer this story. I think the end result turned out cute and sweet. I am so glad you guys like it too! Hankie- The mysterious "Allie" character gives us an opportunity to make a sequel if all goes well. It seems to me that Shyla is on a mission at the end of the scene, but what could she have up her sleeve? It's a lot of fun to imagine.

LennBeng / Lenny

This is a excellent written and hot scene.(as always) Shyla and Scarlett always doing great scenes together. Would love to see more of them. The chemistry between them is overwhelming


That was a beautifully written and hot scene. These two always have the greatest chemistry together. Good job allherluv as always. Ive been waiting for a sub and dom story line. Loved it!


Very good, there has been a great run of releases over the past couple of months keep up the good work.P.S. Missing Shyla's bush.


Very good. These two are my favorites actresses. Shyla is very good when she dominates and Scarlett has naturally a precious side. I appreciate psycho lesbians roles. I would like to see them acting in videos which combines Older/Younger, Milf and Religious categories. It has never been done yet.


Well, that was beyond hot! More of these 2, please! I wish it was longer!

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