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The Bully ep.3

Runtime: 41:39 | Added: 10/27/2018 | Featuring: Alison Rey, Bree Daniels, Shyla Jennings

Categories: Cheerleader, College, Facesitting, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

Synopsis: What turned 18 year old Shyla Jennings into the ruthless bully she is today? Her 18 year old classmates, Alison Rey and Bree Daniels, bully Shyla until she reaches a breaking point. She calls her alter-ego for help, a part of her that she has suppressed for a long time. (Sex: Alison and Shlyla, wet tribbing)

Shyla is silent in fear as she opens the door to one of the baddest bullies in the school, Alison Rey, worse than Alison she sees her alter ego standing behind her. Her alter ego mocks in a sing-songy voice, "looks like we have a little situation on our hands."
Shyla ignores Alison's polite hello, and tells her alter ego, "butt out, this is MY situation." Alison nods, "Oh, right.. situation, you mean like your lifestyle? My situation is nice too, although it's not as big as this place. There's a Golf course down the road, if you're into that?" Shyla looks at the golf club realizing how strange it must look, "no, not really."
Alison swallows with tension, "You don't need protection. I come in peace. Honestly, I feel terrible about how we treat you at school."
Shyla looks behind Alison where second Shyla is standing, first Shyla doesn't say anything. Alison sweetly asks, "Can we sit down?
Shyla's alter ego mocks, "You've always had a thing for asians.. she's got to be at least a quarter, right?"
Shyla scoffs at her alter ego, "STOP, just stop!"
Alison winces in pain, "Of course. Well, let me just apologize to you. I'm sorry, wholeheartedly sorry for how me and Bree have been treating you. We both think that you're very pretty, and nice, and honestly if I do some soul searching I guess I am just a little intimidated by you. It's no excuse for me being mean to you, but hey, I make mistakes. ..And if you want to know the truth, I do need help with school, but the real reason I'm here is to figure out a way to be your friend. I could use a friend. I would love to get to know you, to have a second chance, a sort of do-over, and maybe the three of us could be like the three musketeers.
Shyla contemplates what she will do with Alison as she invites her in. How will she keep her alter-ego in check? Watch the story unfold..



This is just the obvious pairing of two actors who work super well together. Both brought their best effort and it clearly paid off. This makes my heart sing. As a queer woman, it so wonderful to see something that feels so genuine and natural. The desire and connection is palpable. Also the dyke energy is off the charts. This is the mitochondria of dyke energy.


A fantasy that could have fallen flat, but tight editing around the Shyla/avatar interactions kept things in hand. Shyla is managing to keep the fantastical side of her characters under control, which is great to see - and I am not a great fan of the genre. More importanly, Alison really stepped up to the mark, as she always does. Great communication between her and Shyla, genuine connection and sexual tension. Nice that Shyla nowadays makes clear what she needs when having sex, something that has been a feature of Prinzzes's scenes for a long time.


Really great story once again.. & great casting in the third installment


Wow another great vid by this trio.. Major props ❤


It's okay.. but Shyla doesn't come off genuine in the bully role. She's most convincing when she's being seduced and dominated by an older woman in the beginning - then she turns it on and returns the favor. Positive point - she's tribbing and anytime she's not using her full menu of pleasures in a scene, it's a waste of film. Love the build ups though - you guys have a winning formula 'me thinks'.


As long as Shyla is in it, i'm watching so keep dishing her up. She's beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, seductive and what an actress, just wonderful, i love everything about her.


Another stellar episode in this already amazing series. The writing and directing were razor sharp, not a frame wasted nor a second elapsed without overflowing with erotic sapphic tension. Bree as always is delightful and has such a strong natural screen presence. Shyla wow, in every film she does she continues to impress me more and more, this was a simply amazing performance. From the multiple characters to the comedic timing to the sheer animalistic sexual desire, it was all brilliant executed. Now that brings me to Alison, thank you to MissaX for bring this gorgeous women to your beautiful site for us, I have been a long time fan of hers and she never disappoints. Her communication of character intellect and motives was superb and her eye work was haunting, I swear i could watch her reading from the phonebook and be mesmerized. Sorry MissaX, I know I've said this before and you are probably sick of hearing it or reading it but thank you for creating the best Adult site on the net and more importantly giving these beautifully talented women such a gorgeous platform to showcase their art for us, these women truly deserve our love, support and respect.


Omg! I literally love how this play out! I love it alot with alot of great moments and great chemistry between Shyla and Alison! Both girls did a fantastic job and Shyla always seem to amaze me with any role that she plays. Her excellent in bring out the characters to live to the fullest. That was a very great Cliff hanger to keep us wanting more. Can't wait til next episode. Shyla has found a perfect role for this series. Greatly done allherluv and missaX.


I'm SO impressed with the complexities of the characters and the shooting/editing/intercutting of the scenes. The sex is certainly hot, but everything leading up to it is riveting. Alison, Shyla, and Bree are stunning and gorgeous. I REALLY love this.


Extremely hot and sexy video. I loved when Shyla was riding Alison’s face, and also taking a more dominate role when she was on her back side. It was so arousing when Shyla was telling Alison that it felt, “so F#@&ing good”, etc.

LennBeng / Lenny

Another great video with Shyla, Alison and Bree. Looking forward to the next episod.


Nicely bizarre and truly excellent. I can hardly wait for the next episode. Shyla Jennings has found her signature role and I mean that in the best possible. Long may Shyla's Bully (and dear mother, India Summer) continue to bring sexual ecstasy and emotional distress to the women of AllHerLuv.

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