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Runtime: 42:26 | Added: 01/02/2018 | Featuring: Aubrey Sinclair, Krissy Lynn

Categories: MILF, Older/Younger, Stockings/Pantyhose, Taboo, Toys

Video Description:

Aubrey hasn't been herself lately, she's been up in her head, and it's made me want to look into what she's been up to lately. She says she's going to take a shower when I know she's already showered hours ago, so I followed her. I pressed my ear to the door wondering the worst, maybe she's taking something maybe she's talking on the phone to a much older boy, maybe.. maybe, but I don't hear anything at all. I crack open the door to see her looking at her vagina with my handheld mirror. I open the door and surprise her, she drops the mirror on the floor. She was surprised and angry that I barged in on her, but I had to know what she was up to. I know she has a boyfriend, maybe she'd like to talk to a doctor? Someone other than myself. She shakes her head no, but won't tell me what's wrong. I tell her that I'll make an appointment with an OBGYN, but in the meantime we should take a day nap together, and when we wake up it will be a brand new start to the day. She nods and smiles, my sweet little Aubrey has always loved to curl up and nap with me. I took off my heels and my white doctor's coat and we both laid in bed. It was then I heard her voice, "Can I ask you something?" I turned around and assured her that she could talk to me about anything. She confided in me that she was still a virgin, but her and her boyfriend have been trying to have sex. "I can't," she tells me, "he won't fit inside of me." I tell her that her hymen is still intact and when she has sex, she will break it, sex will be more pleasurable after that. Aubrey looks at me with her big brown eyes, she tells me her hymen will not break. I ask her if I can take a look and I see the problem, clear as day, she has an imperforate hymen. It's a rare condition that only 1-2% of women have. The hymen will have to be taken out by surgery. "Surgery?!I can't have surgery. I don't like needed or people looking at my vagina, and omgod.. how many people will be looking at my vagina?!" "Well typically four or five," I told her, "but since an imperforate hymen is so rare, they'll likely have students in there to oversee the surgery. It might be the only hymendectomy they'll see after all." "5 doctors, nurses, and students too! I can't.. There has to be another way." I tell her that I could try to help. Young men don't always properly know how to arouse a woman before sex, and with an imperforate hymen, arousal is especially important. I will help little Aubrey, she can close her eyes if she'd like and fantasize about her boy. I assure her, "don't worry darling. I'll take care of you. Just lay back, open up your legs, breathe in deep, yes.. good girl. I'll rub this warm coconut oil all over your body, it will feel so good, almost like you're at the spa. Are you ready? Watch the story unfold..



Just a wonderful video love to see more just like it. Why is it there isn't any showing of women giving each other hickey's'


I like that at the end she says she only needs mom.


P.S. Must respectfully disagree with the comment above that the girls rushed to sex. It was such a well-paced episode of lovemaking. How this scene unfolded fit so well with the situation, and the exquisitely tender pussy eating between mother and daughter that followed, each more erotic than the previous, was perfect.


Really hot taboo set-up, love how it unfolds. Would love more mother-daughter scenarios like this!


Not what expected,because : 1-Ladys rush to sex ,you need to let the story buildup to the top lust point ,for example, the director missed an opportunity in the bathroom where the mother can look surreptitiously to her daughter pussy and lust . 2-wish the mother wears the dildo not use it by hand . 3-Need a lot of camera work,the camera angle is not right most of the time ,the camera must focus on the privet parts and the action there when it happens ,for example ,you missed the master scene,wish is the dildo penetration !!!. 4-the logo of (allherluv) on the right corner is too big . 5-In lesbian movies ,shaved lady's are appreciated. I hope you find these observations helpful .Thank you .


Great movie thank you.


New Aubrey movies please.


age gap is cool


This pairing is fantastic, love these two together.


just outstanding as 95% of all your movies are...great work


More Aubrey, please!


This is a wonderful video. There's a nice buildup and Crissy's descriptions of what would happen are sexy and believable. When she goes down on Aubrey, she looks like she's actually enjoying it too, and really wants Aubrey to enjoy it too. I love when women really seem like they're having a good time. The end is great too. Often, with this type of theme (girl wants help so she can be with her boyfriend) they make the girl excited at the end to run off to see the guy, and that makes what just happened less impactful. That doesn't happen here and that makes this video all that much better.

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