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Runtime: 44:09 | Added: 11/09/2018 | Featuring: Bree Daniels, Shyla Jennings

Categories: Homewrecker, Romance, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

Synopsis: Unassuming Shyla Jennings walks into a web spun by Bree Daniels, the wife of Shyla's boss. Shyla is meant to sit for a painting, a portrait, but Bree encourages her to undress instead. Shyla tries to maintain her dignity, but Bree breaks down her barriers, step by tension-filled step.

Bree circles Shyla like a wolf closing in on her prey, "I'm not asking for your heart. I won't toy with you like India did. I am merely asking you to take off my clothes, fuck me slow, sit on my face, make me cum.
Shyla looks towards the door, she knows she can escape but Bree has a power over her. Shyla stammers, "this can't be happening.. it's too weird. Your husband-- " Bree interrupts.
"There will be repercussions for you if my husband finds out. I need to be very clear that I want to have sex with you, I do not want you to fall in love with me."
"You're scaring me."
Bree puts her hand over Shyla's heart she looks into her eyes. Shyla feels the heat of Bree's hand, she holds her breath. Bree puts her ear to Shyla's chest she listens to her heartbeat, it's fast, she smiles in satisfaction, "you're making me wet."
Shyla recoils, " I can't.. I need to close my eyes at night knowing I'm a good person."
Bree slides her top down slowly, Shyla watches as every inch of porcelain skin is revealed. Bree purrs, "I want to see your pussy."
Shyla nods, "and say if I agree to have sex with you, this is just a one time thing.." Bree chuckles softly and shrugs, "do you consent?"
Shyla nods as Bree slowly leans in for a kiss.
Bree gets close and licks her lips. "yess" she whispers perversely, her blue eyes sparkle wildly, "You made me wet, from the moment you walked in my door. I want you on your knees, beneath me, taste me."
Shyla, "you're pussy is beautiful, perfect, my God.. you're so perfect, but you're insane."
Bree smiles wickedly, "perfection requires a touch of madness. It's your turn to be the artist. I want you to paint me with your tongue."
Watch the story unfold..



Freaking awesome.


Another amazing erotic experience! The intensity between the two women crescendoed into a beautiful display of genuine and passionate sex. I really enjoyed Shyla's monologue and it showed her ability to work outside of her normal quirky, adorable presentation. She is so versatile as an actor and it's always a pleasure to see her take on a particular role. I'm glad that there are a more videos with both of these actresses as they not only work well together, but it's obvious they enjoy the intimacy they get to share. I think any scenario they perform would be incredible and I hope to see more in the future!


peccato mancano sottotitoli


brilliant story once again.. Major props


Thank you so much for bringing together the most extraordinary partnership in erotic film. Shyla and Bree have amazing chemistry that makes their scenes very special. And thank you for creating roles for Bree that allow her to show her true acting range. I lover her sardonic laid back intensity - if there is such a thing. Her most recent scenes with Girlsway were appallingly badly directed and must have been a tremendous disappointment for her. I hope she feels good about her work here, she really shines.


A truly beautiful sapphic tale brought to us by the masters of feminine erotica. MissaX, once again you have proven your status as Sappho of the modern age, the writing was exquisite the direction superb, the push and pull of these intriguing characters was so well communicated. Bree was breathtaking as usual and watching her character thoughts and emotions through her gorgeous eyes was simple divine. Shyla's performance blew me away, the tender intense heartbreak she communicated not only through her lines and her eyes but her whole being was absolutely stellar. As well as her multi-layered character development was amazing. This film can be best described as a delicious symphony of decadence. Thank you again MissaX for the love and respect you have of these beautifully talented artists and for creating such a gorgeous platform in which to delight us all, you truly are legendary.

LennBeng/ Lenny

Outstanding performance by Shyla and Bree. I loved to hear Shyla's monologue of her love for India. Much more Shyla and Bree Please


Shyla is, as usual, mesmerizing, i can't take my eyes off her. She's delightfully amusing and when she strips things really take off! Bree plays her part very well and is perfect as Shyla's foil. More, more of Shyla!!!!!


Outstanding performance by Shyla. Her soliloquy about all consuming love is a true highlight. That and all the hot sex.


Sweet! Nice build up and hot sex. She's (Shyla) has to come back for more! - Bedroom sex next time... with a slow build up to gonzo...please?


WOW! I don't have words for it.... That's how good it was for me. I really like the build up to the moment of the climax of the big scene the sex part. Both ladies did a fantastic job. I really like Bree and Shyla roles in this video! 😍😘

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