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Who Rescued Who? III

Runtime: 27:04 | Added: 06/08/2020 | Featuring: Brianne Blu, Kenna James

Categories: Messy, Outdoor, Romance, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

They say 'opposites attract,' and Brianne yearns for truth in that saying.  Brianne has always idolized her stepsister, Kenna James.  The girls are opposites in every respect.  Brianne is a reader, she's a careful planner, and she's ambitious in scholastic achievements.  Kenna is a social butterfly, she even has a group of friends, more like followers who copycat her style and personality.  Brianne doesn't want to be a part of Kenna's tribe, but she wants to be a friend, and her heart aches when Kenna turns her down.  The following morning the girls are to finish a list of chores, and Brianne is hell bent on getting to see Kenna's true character.  The women find common ground, and Brianne feels the warmth of Kenna's gaze, until Kenna slaps her with the paint brush!  The women fight with the paint, pulling off clothes, and playfully rolling in the grass with pink paint stripes all over their bodies.  The women find themselves embraced, their lips meet, and sexy lesbian lovemaking ensues. 



Kenna is so beautiful. I love all her scenes on here. Brianne is a nice addition to allherluv. Missa, will you ever pair Kenna and Shyla together in a scene on here? 🤞🤞


Thank you so much for watching!!! 😍🙌☺ I'm definitely looking forward to more to cum! 😜 I had a blast working with Kenna (and Missa of course!!!) 💋


the paint play off the charts cute & authentic omg


Oh Missa, two Kenna scenes in short order ... and do I understand right, a third in the pipeline; you do spoil us. Seriously, Kenna does some of her best, perhaps even her best work with you. She is such a sexual being, but she is more than just a sexual being; something that shines through in her work for you. Long may the partnership continue (and for a shallow closing statement, Kenna really does have the best set of nipples in the business). P.S ... get the girls to repaint your fence, they did a real crappy job ... you might think their minds were elsewhere 🤣🤣


Very Good, Were you inspired to write this after reading Tom Sawyer? Did you convince pornstars that painting your fence was an important part of foreplay? Also it is always wonderful to see Kenna working with you again, Aside from her beauty and her talent it is an awesome sight watching her nipples go erect,


Hah! What a funny idea to hire on actors to do chores. I'm glad you love Kenna. Thanks for taking the time to write.


just had to fuck this up by putting paint on these beautiful women ,thanks for a fucked up update.


Sorry you didn't like the body painting mischief. I thought it was so fun and cute. I'll give you another of this pairing to see if you like it better.


Who rescued who? All her luv rescued us from this shutdown lunacy. Kenna was her classic self while Brianne ;who reminds me of Britney Light;was a super breath of fresh air in this stagnet wilderness.Hope to see MUCH more of Brianne hopefully without paint,bless you all!!!!!!


Glad you love Brianne! Me too. We worked with her quite a bit on the boy/girl site about five years ago and she is back and looking lovely as ever. I do see the similarities between Brianne and Britney Light. They're both blonde haired, blue eyed beauties.


Long a regular of MissaX, it's good to see Ms. Blu in AllHerLuv.


Yay! She lives in my neck of the woods and it's easy peasy to bring her back for you guys. I think she's a natural girl/girl performer.

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