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Pink Triangle pt. 2

Runtime: 38:30 | Added: 11/30/2020 | Featuring: Jade Baker, Whitney Wright

Categories: College, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Julia (Jade Baker) comes home feeling crushed.  She painfully reminisces about the last few hours.  She went to her father's house to see her other stepmother, Lisa.  Lisa is forty-five, tall and thin, thick shoulder-length auburn hair.  She is  absolute perfection and Jade has been crushing on her ever since she saw her.  It took all the courage she had to make the move.  There Lisa was.. laying by the pool, wearing Julia's bikini, and Jade surely thought that was a sign.  She gently rubbed oil all over Lisa's perfect body, gently moved her hair to the side, and kissed her, but Lisa did not kiss her back!  Jade walked all the way home, it took her hours, and when she finally came home she saw that her friend, Kylie, was staying over.

"Why are you here?  Why are you wearing my stepmother's nightgown?"  Kylie says she will explain everything but she wants to know why Julia is so upset. Julia jumps at the opportunity to confide in her.  Kylie is a real lesbian and should have some insightful advice.  Instead, Kylie discourages her from dating older women, and believes that Julia should try kissing someone her own age. Julia scoffs at the hypocrisy, it was just last week that Kylie was talking about some mysterious older woman that she's crushing on. Julia demands that Kylie kiss her.  She should kiss her to see if she's a real lesbian.  Watch the story unfold..



I am blown away by Jade Baker's acting ability. She's not just a pretty face. This is easily the best scene of the month!


Another home run for AllHerLuv! It’s astonishing what AHL is accomplishing in the midst of the pandemic. I’m proud you all. Whitney’s eyes are SO incredible in this scene, like WOW. Whitney as a performer finally clicked with me after this scene. She’s stellar. And Jade. Oh, Jade. She’s simply magnificent. I hope Missa and everyone at AHL realize what they have with her. This is a star/company pairing that can’t miss. Really intrigued by what Part 3 can be. My hope is Sarah/Jade. Perhaps we’ll get Sarah/Jade/Whitney? Serene/Jade? Whatever happens will surely be amazing. Keep up the great work, AHL!


The chemistry in this scene was just phenomenal. My goodness these two together is just pure bliss!


Pairing Jade and Whitney in a scene like this is beautiful dream come true. Both are beautiful and have such great chemistry!! Can't wait to see more!! And definitely more Jade on this site!!


Both girls are hot, but please continue to use Jade Baker in future scenes. Her body is phenomenal, and those natural breasts are perfection!! More Jade!!!!

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