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Crash pt.1

Runtime: 27:38 | Added: 09/27/2018 | Featuring: Kristen Scott, Scarlett Sage

Categories: Romance

Video Description:

Synopsis: Manipulative and dominant, Kristen Scott, backs her car into her unassuming neighbor Scarlett Sage. Scarlett is newly single, a mother, and has moved to a rural town in the hopes of getting away from her wild past. Kristen uses her knowledge of Scarlett's true identity and the pressure of the car crash predicament to pressure her into stealing from her new boss to cover Kristen's repair expense. Scarlett must retain her dignity, but it is so hard to turn over a new leaf when Kristen is so evil, so terrifying, and so undeniably sexy.

Kristen stares at Scarlett, " Your name is Charlotte Marie Anderson, also known as Scarlett Sage, I know exactly who you are."
Scarlett's eyes grow wide, she holds her breath. How could it be? She makes certain that she is always modest, is it possible Kristen saw one the 14 adult film titles she made when she was desperate for money?
Kristen, "What's the matter? Cat's got your tongue?"
Scarlett tries to speak, she stammers, "it.. was.. such a long time ago, and.." Kristen interrupts.
"Show me your famous breasts, I've seen them but I want to see them up close."
Scarlett considers all the possibilities. She could run. She could tell Kristen off, how dare she ask her to reveal herself. Or.. Kristen is a woman, and she wants to see her breasts, is there really anything wrong with showing? She's not going to touch. No. Absolutely not. She swallows, she pulls down her top, her bra. Kristen averts her stare to Scarlett's perfect little breasts.
"May I touch?"
Scarlett recoils, she feels wetness trickle into her panties. She is terrified but loves the way that Kristen looks at her. She doesn't want to give in, but her body seems to have a mind of its own.
Kristen purrs, "I'm no rapist, darling. I just want to touch your beautiful ivory skin, and those perfect rosebud nipples.. and by the looks of it, you want me to touch you."
Scarlett nods looks down in shame, she whispers, "yes, I do."
Kristeh touches her breast, she pinches her nipple and Scarlett yelps.
Kristen, "open your legs."
"Yes ma'am."
Kristen kisses Scarlett passionately, her fingers rub her wet petals, Scarlett slippery little pussy invites Kristen's finger in.
"I want to feel you cum all over my hand, I want to taste you, " Kristen purrs.
Scarlett tries not to orgasm. She wants to retain some of her dignity. She is no longer the wild girl she used to be, she's a mother now, yes-- a young mother, but she has decided to turn over a new leaf. She tries to remind herself all of this as the pangs of pleasure make it harder and harder to focus. She moans, no.. she does not want to moan, her body reacts to each touch, her breathing is heavy, she looks into Kristen's determined eyes.. she knows she will go wherever Kristen takes her, and Kristen wants Scarlett to cum.
Scarlett, "please.. yes.."
"Give into me, you're my dirty little porn slut, aren't you?"
Scarlett is ashamed as she feels her pussy tighten around Kristen's hands. "Mmmph, oh.. please.."
Kristen, "tell me"
Scarlett, "I'm your mph.. dirty mph.. I'm yours."
Watch the story unfold..

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