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The Producer pt. 4 & pt. 5

Runtime: 01:14:38 | Added: 08/07/2019 | Featuring: Anny Aurora, Cadence Lux, Emma Starletto, Vera King

Categories: Facesitting, Homewrecker, Romance, Stockings/Pantyhose, Tribadism

Video Description:

XBIZ 2020 Nominee - All-Girl Feature of the Year
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Actress - All-Girl - Cadence Lux
AVN 2020 Nominee - Best All-Girl Narrative Production
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Screenplay
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Cinematography
XBIZ 2020 Nominee - Best Editing

It's been a year and Cadence's business is growing thanks to her new star and fiancée, Anny Aurora. Cadence is shooting a brand new model today, Emma Starletto. Emma's the hottest new actress on the scene and Cadence has been waiting for this day for six long months. Thoughts of Emma's beauty fill Cadence's mind, it's hard for her to concentrate when her fiancée, Anny Aurora is in front of her. There's tension between Anny and Cadence and that follows through to their shoot. Anny can feel Cadence's preference towards Emma, and it makes her burn with jealousy. Emma is flattered by Cadence's attention, and encourages her. Will Anny put up with her wife shamelessly flirting with the new girl? Will Cadence stay true to her fiancée, or will she be lured in by the younger, newer model? Watch the story unfold..



So looking forward to the continuing legacy of The Producer! Thank you so much to Miss for letting me apart of this wonderful project. It has truly been an honor. and thank all of you for watching!!


it was hard to enjoy this series because of how depressing it was. I would rather a story where everyone wins, even if it takes some convincing. I would have done something like have Cadence not able to help herself from joining in with the scene she's recording, and then Vera getting jealous/upset with it. Cadence can then try to convince Vera that that's something they both could be enjoying, by participating with the actors, or seducing them after the shoot, or something. Eventually Vera decides to try it and has a great time. In the end, Cadence and Vera look forward to no end of sexual encounters with the actors they hire. the last scene would be Cadence and Vera answering the door to the next actress, holding hands and smiling/looking at each other knowingly. besides the depressing story, everything else was very well done. (and the story was well done too, besides being so depressing.)


I'd LOVE to see Anny and Emma in a romantic step sister scene. Anny has nice bounce with her tittys, so does Emma!


Cadence Lux is so amazing.. This was so great in this role


another great job cadence im a hug fan your my favorite actor in the bussiness


What if Cadence gets back with Vera in another episode? She could see the error in her selfish ways and beg Vera's forgiveness. I like to imagine how she will win Vera over again, and I'd love to see Cadence seduce. I don't care if her motives are sincere or not, it might be interesting if her motives are not sincere. What are you going to film Cadence in next and when? I have some suggestions.


First thing. Cadence Lux. There's no way in hell she could possibly be this terrible, but her performance is definitely convincing, and that speaks volumes for her ability to get into and convey a character who is damaged and selfish and in desperate need of money, approval, and so much more. The next thing that got me was Anny Aurora. She had a massive spectrum of emotions to cover in a limited time frame, and she nailed it. From smitten to mildly suspicious to catty to angry to dominant to hurt to resolved. That's quite a journey, and she was believable for the entirety of it. This installment of The Producer really invited its stars to shine, and they absolutely delivered. Now one dumb question that neither requires nor expects an answer. Does any of the footage come from scenes Cadence Lux actually shot (ie was her camera even functional) or was creative editing employed to simply give us that impression? Yes. That's dumb and what difference does it make. I know.


Cadence is getting more baby mommas than DMX. Someone needs to stop this woman. Evil Cadence is sexy though. I really loved this story, especially the parallel flashback to Vera and Cadence. I was also very impressed by Anny's acting in this part. It blew me away. I didn't know she could portray such genuine pain. I didn't enjoy the crazy sex fight too much, but I did enjoy Emma's acting. Her performance in the last sex scene was stellar. Overall a great series deserving of a few awards. If Cadence doesn't win best actress next year, the awards are rigged.


Ahhh Zazz thank you! I hope everyone lies this as much as the previous. It honestly was such a great experience to let myself become that vindictive & fame hungry role.


Wow, very powerful! I wondered how Cadence's character would deal with the pain she was causing Vera King, and we see that played out here. This certainly reminds me of people I've known who were willing to pursue their desires, other people's feelings be damned. The other women, Anny, Emma, who believe they have more insight than the one Cadence is cheating with, Vera and then Anny, also remind me strikingly of other people I've known. It all rings tragically true to life. All of the women in this series are stunning, their characters very intelligently developed. Fascinating character profile, brilliantly brought to life by Cadence Lux. Bravo!

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