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We Don't Mess Around

Runtime: 38:14 | Added: 01/12/2019 | Featuring: India Summer, Scarlett Sage, Shyla Jennings

Categories: Cheerleader, College, Facesitting, MILF, Older/Younger, Threesome

Video Description:

Shyla Jennings is the head cheerleader, she's bold, bossy, and she's used to getting her way without having to work hard for it. She calls her best friend, Scarlett Sage, her "sidekick." Scarlett is a sweet-natured girl who loves her best friend and is amenable to all of Shyla's wild ideas. Their school is selling Fudgy Buddy bars, and the team with the most sales wins a scholarship to a prestigious university in Paris! Scarlett and Shyla are determined to sell their bars to the only lesbian lady known in their small town, a hot MILF named India Summer. Will their plan work? Watch the story unfold..



India Summer is one of the most versatile actresses in porn, and I love how she seems bemused by Scarlett and Shyla trying to seduce her. Yes, she gives in in the end, but her initial indifference gives the other actresses something fun to play off of.


Wow, I generally don't like threesome scenes but this one was amazing! I especially love India's performance as the repressed older woman.


I have a confession. I have never in my entire life watch a porn video from the start to the end. Sometimes the beginning is too draggy and I skip ahead or the sex scene is too repetitive and I click away. But man, this video changed everything! It was so entertaining and sexy to watch. The acting was a little over dramatic but I think that made it even better :)


I liked it good fun...hummmmm........India was outstanding...and Scarlett and Shyla way to go girls so funny...


It was thrilling to witness this. All the actors were awesome and I have come to learn that Shyla and India never give less than 100%. Love seeing them work together. Chemistry is off the charts and it's always wonderful to hear their comments to one another while they're in the throws. I liked seeing Shyla say " I love being choked." Made my day. Thanks again ladies for an incredible viewing experience!!


A utterly delightful sapphic tale brought lovingly to life by the master artist and her beautiful muses. This was so much fun to watch, a had a cheesy grin on my face the whole time except for the times I was laughing out loud. The chemistry the three ladies had was so palpable and infectious, their ensemble work was absolutely superb. Shyla's work is always a joy to watch, her comedic timing is amazing and I could watch her eye communication for days. India was a perfect "straight women" a gorgeous foil to both Shyla's and Scarlett's characters, which in turn was beautifully juxtaposed by all three women. Scarlett for me was the highpoint of the film, her natural line delivery and overall presence, comedic timing and rich character work and development were stellar. Not to mention the animalistic passion in her eyes while devouring India and Shyla, it gave me chills. All in all it was a joyous romp and one I plan on revisiting over and over again. Thank you so much Missa X.


Shyla is a great comedic actress and her simpering superiority is done to a T! Her beauty and desirability leave me panting and wanting more, more, more!


Roony2014, are you kidding me? It was a great scene!


Once again MissaX and Gary has done it! Another great story! Love the story and the little humor in this scene. I love the part when Shyla say "kiss me" and Scarlett Sage say jeepers.. and the part of when Scarlett said “It’s never gonna work! I’m literally batting, my eyelases! I’m so cute!” and also these part when Scarlett said "Maybe we're not her type" and Shyla says "We're everyone's type!" I love how MissaX shot the whole scene as well! love it! Best threesome I have seen soo far!! The chemistry between India Summer, Scarlett Sage and Shyla Jennings was on fire! Great combo with the girls. Another great favorite to my collection! Thank you MissaX and Gary for yet another great film!


I really loved it. It had me so tickled I was waiting for Shyla or India to yell out Scarlett was the pied-piper of pussy. 😂 honestly I thought all three ladies were fabulous and had the chemistry needed to pull off this story line. These three together are great and definitely loved the ending. I don’t think it would of been as successful if you had put anyone else in these roles. India’s facial expressions are gold while Shyla and Scarlett both have a knack for how to portray the expression necessary when saying the line to pull you in for that laughter. All around great story, great actresses, great editing.

LennBeng / Lenny

Wow! I am completely exhausted after seeing this excellent comedy that leads to breathtaking hot sex. Great casting! Shyla,Scarlett and India are wonderful together.Thank you Missa!


I hope you guys like this one. It was a blast to make! We had so many laughs, in particular during the choreography of the cheer, and also during the one-liners. Scarlett and Shyla are great actors, not everyone can pull off a comedy. Special thanks to Scarlett-- she has real cheerleading experience and helped a great deal at making the cheerleaders believable. All three women are, as usual, delightful to work with-- it hardly feels like work at all. Thanks to Lenny for the casting suggestion and Ossie for the Fudgy Buddy concept. I'm glad you guys liked it: Pennywise, SidewalkEnforcer, hankie66. I appreciate that 'not everyone' liked it. May I ask that if you downvote the scene, let me know why you didn't like it so we can improve? I suspect that some are fans of comedy and some aren't. It would be a kindness to explain why you didn't like the scene so we can learn more. Flippyy4, glad you are a Zoe fan! We can't wait to work with her again. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write.


I thought the story was well told. After reading Ossie’s entry on the forum, I hoped it would get adapted and sure enough Missa did it. I love how the dialogue keeps the story light and humorous. Missa adds so many nice touches. Shyla shushing Scarlet with her pom pom is one. I find myself laughing at moments like that. Then the outfits were perfect. India looked fantastic. The initial sex between Shyla and Scarlett was hot. They would certainly have seduced even the most ardent heterosexual women. Then India dives in and shows off her lesbian erotica expertise. The final position with Shyla on top of Scarlett, with India pleasuring them from behind, was sublime. The ending is a signature of Missa/Ossie collaborations. Funny, and shocking. Love those Fudge Buddy bars.


"Things are about to get nasty," oh Scarlett is a sexual beast! I thought she was going to eat India up when things heated up. I noticed you don't do threesomes very often, a threesome scene with your great actors and stories is a real treat, better than Fudgy Buddy bars! Shyla and Scarlett are both amazing comedic actors, love their adorable campy attitude, and India compliments them nicely. I can't help but wonder what happened in the end. Did they get the order? Are they going to have to "pound the pavement" and go to another MILF's house? I have some suggestions. Thanks for this comedy, it's a breath of fresh air after the heavy dramatic scenes. I hope India gets a chance to play their stepmom. 5/5


Weak entry sorry, miss Zoe Bloom already


This is literally one of the best things I have ever seen. I do want to thank Missa X for being generous enough to give me a writing credit. 99% percent of the story is her creation. Every part of this is outstanding from Missa X's writing and direction to the wonderful acting. It goes seamlessly from hilarious comedy to incredibly hot threeway sex to hilarious comedy again. Though it would seem impossible, Shyla,Scarlett and India are more beautiful than ever. They all work superbly together.


Shyla and Scarlett Finally thank you!!!!!!


not to good...

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