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The Path To Forgiveness pt. 5

Runtime: 29:49 | Added: 11/16/2019 | Featuring: Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor

Categories: Anal Play, Rimming, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

AVN 2021 Nominee - Grand Reel
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Directing (Drama) - Whitney Wright
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Screenplay (Drama) - Whitney Wright
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Supporting Actress - Joanna Angel
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Supporting Actress - Daisy Taylor
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Non-sex performance - London River
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best G/G Sex Scene - Cadence Lux & Kira Noir
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best TG Sex Scene - Cadence Lux & Daisy Taylor
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Editing
AVN 2021 Nominee - Best Art Direction
XBIZ 2021 Nominee - Feature Movie of the Year
XBIZ 2021 Nominee - All-Girl Movie of the Year
XBIZ 2021 Nominee - Best Acting (Lead) - Cadence Lux
XBIZ 2021 Nominee - Best Acting (Supporting) - Joanna Angel
XBIZ 2021 Nominee - Best Sex Scene - All-Girl - Scarlett Sage & Serena Blair
XBIZ 2021 Nominee - Best Screenplay - Whitney Wright

It's been days since Hayley was thrown into the hole.  The hole is a terrible isolated place, a place where you begin to think that you are bad, that they were right, that loving women is wrong.  She begins to fall deeper and deeper into despair until the door opens and Hayley sees her sweet friend, Victoria, reach out her hand.  Hayley weakly raises her hand and Victoria pulls her out of the pit. 

Victoria takes off Hayley's old clothes and lowers her into a comfortable tub.  She pours warm water over her, washes her, washes the pain away.  Hayley looks into Victoria's eyes and feels love again.  Victoria whispers, "I'm leaving tonight, but I'm not leaving without you."



Great one of the best Trans/lesbian scenes ever Love them both. Keep it up with more.


Trans stars are very hot and I’m glad daisy was featured in this series. I hope to see more trans actors having great and passionate scenes.


This is one of my favorite scenes of all time. The best of both worlds. Daisy is sooo hot with Cadence. Didn't look like e first time and both seemed to enjoy each other, Need more of this T/G lesbian stuff. Like my first time with a T/G with women.


Now this is futanari done right. The only criticism is that the penis was never erect.


This was the video that I subscribed for actually, but unfortunately for me it was a waste of money because you never explicitly see penetration. This was probably her first time with a girl but not the first time she had sex with a girl. Very upset...


Anybody who follows porn trends & is active in the LGBTQ community knows about Translesbian relationships being a big deal in the left & right wings of the LGBTQ movement. If they've not heard of Daisy Tylor, Natalie Mars or Casey Kisses by now, they're way out of touch with the reality of Porn in 2019/2020 & translesbian issues. There are TERFS (Trans Exclusionary Rdical Freminists) who ridicule, oftentimes violently, & refuse to accept Transwoman because they are not "real" biological women. Then there are the porn dogs, most of them the straight closeted white men, who watch "lesbian" porn in hiding from their wives, or who can't get a partner at all, who get their rocks off watching what they "think" is real lesbian porn. These are the fools who think all lesbians scissor & trib every time they fuck. Those dudes can just fuck of as far as I'm concerned because they have no understanding of what lesbian lovemaking is all about nor do they have the right to use their dollars or their male privilege to demand what is included in a female created lesbian series that includes a transwoman that is written and directed by a woman. If you men don't like it, go watch fake lesbian porn on other sites. I am in awe of Whitney Wright and all the actors who made this series so intensely relatable and authentic. Whitney, you and your actors dared challenge so many issues, the notion of "conversion therapy" the idea of a transwoman who is preop but identifies as a lesbian. The reality that a fully committed lesbian can actually fall in love with a preoperative transwoman. TBH, it is this series that brought me to join AllHerLuv. I'd heard about it a few days ago (currently it's May 15, 2020) but I joined today just so I could watch the series. I a, quite literally stunned and just wanted to post this initial reaction. I'll have more to say at another time, after I've fully digested the whole series, but I DO want to point out that white male privilege doesn't give dudes the right to criticize a woman's story & a female director who has a story to tell from a woman's perspective. If you dudes don't like transwomen, honestly, shut the fuck up, stop whining as if you are entitled to demand what a woman creates be to your bigoted preferences & just quietly go watch something else. There's plenty of other material on this site for you dudes to whack off to. Y'all don't own this site just because you pay for it. You sure as hell don't have the right to whine about penises when confronted by a preop transwoman. Just have the decency to quietly go watch something else & stop yelling, whining & bullying women & lesbians, & transwomen who have busted their butts to produce an incredibly deep series that tells a multifaceted story that non-TERF lesbians & women can relate to. Just wanted to add, that the dumb statement made by WackyWizard was conflicted & contradictory. If you are a supporter of trans acceptance then preop transwomen shouldn't bother you. To claim you are a supporter of trans acceptance but dnigrate a transwoman, is total hypocrisy. It doesn't make you an LGBTQ supporter, just makes you a dude that doesn't like his make-believe lesbian porn with dicks in it. Stop justifying bigotry with deceiful claims of LGBTQ acceptance. As a lesbian, & a woman in a polyamorous relationship that includes a cis woman & a post op trans woman, I can see through the deceit & am sick & tired of men believing they have any right to decide what is "lesbian" and whether a transwoman has validity in the lesbian community.


It was a nice thought to have a t-girl in this scene and it would have been really hot , but next time get a t-girl that can get a hard on what a let down to this fine movie.


Thanks a lot Missa for this translesbian scene, but if Daisy fucked Cadence clearly at the end that would be amazing and touching. More Trans films please and Jessy Dubai will be great addition to your lovely website.


Really lovely scene and nice experience, thanks for the new ideas.


Great actresses. Daisy is a beautiful lady. The movie though is not what I'm paying for in this site since I' m not a big fan of toys and penisses on a lesbian site.


Great ending to an amazing story line. I know most here are not in favor of Daisy but that’s a shame. She is beautiful and a wonderful actress and I’d personally love to see her in more scenes. You will obviously have to put a warning in for those only wanting lesbian scenes but that’s a small issue. My only gripe with this episode is we didn’t get a chance to see Daisy get hard and give it to Cadence. That would have been hotter than anything to see Cadence taking it. Maybe next time this will come true as I gather you guys are willing and excited to have Daisy back. Please put her in more scenes!


Amazing scene, very sensitively performed and directed.


My girlfriend and I just finished watching all 5 episodes back to back for the second time. We absolutely loved EVERY episode. My girlfriend (who is fully transitioned MtF and bi has a big thing about Cadence, although I love all of the actors, my personal favourite is Daisy. I thought episode 5 was handled beautifully and sensitively. We both realise not everyone will be in favour of Daisy's but I pray and hope we can see more of her, the chemistry with Cadence was beautiful. Thank you to all the beautiful performers, for the beautiful story, and the beautiful production and ALL HER LUV!


Amazing! More Trans performers please!!!!!


found it erotic as a once in awhile. Prefer the original formula though....

Come on y’all


Come on y’all

I get what you guess were trying to do I don’t want to sound like a bad person like the comments are but this cite should be lesbian only


I would love to see more of Daisy and more TS lesbian scenes generally. Very hot. Thanks for the scene!


Honestly nothing against Daisy, I'm happy for her and I wish her nothing but the best, but I'm not interested in TS stuff. I don't quite know how to put it but it just doesn't feel like a lesbian scene? I'm also kind of concerned if it's something we're going to be seeing a lot of, AllHerLuv doesn't release that many scenes as it is, especially compared to the bigger sites, and I don't really want a situation where we get something like 2 "traditional" lesbian scenes a month.


I'm really happy for Daisy but this not the kind of content I want on a lesbian site I'm paying for.


Loved the scene. Would like to see more of Daisy


So glad you finally got Daisy in a scene!


I love this, I know that some viewers may be put off by a TS star on a lesbian site - but personally I like that Whitney and by extension Missa, is willing to give Daisy a shot here in a major feature. For trans women real acting opportunities in porn are probably pretty rare and I applaud AHL for taking a chance. I assume it won't be a typical thing and would think that cancelling membership over one scene to be a drastic move. Just like the occasional futa fetish scenes this before it, this may not please some folks. Altogether though I can say that this feature has guaranteed that I will keep my membership another year when it's time for renewal. A fab cast from top to bottom, especially love that Cadence got an important role, I have been advocating for her to get bigger acting roles for years and this movie feels like a sweet vindication for me. I have also been blown away by Whitney's creativity and eye as a director here and elsewhere and if more stuff like this is on the way I'll happily stay signed up!


Excellent stuff, Daisy is superb and definitely should come back. Unsure how most of your subscribers may take that but I thought it was great. It broke my trans-lesbian cherry, and for that I thank you


I'm not personally attracted to trans women, but the scene itself is very well done. Cadence and Daisy had great chemistry. Still got a thumbs up from me.


I thought it was a hot scene! I’d love to see Bridgette B on this site again, a scene with Bridgette B and Kristen Scott would be awesome!


Thank you Whitney and Missa for this translesbian scene. Itsone of my favourite genres. i hope you will continue to shoot with transgirls. i would love to see Whitney Wright and Jill Kassidy with a transgirl. Hopefully you can make it happen


I agree with wacky wizard me not my kind of video otherwise bye bye the site allherluv


While I'm a supporter of trans people in general and I wish this performer - Daisy - all the success in the world, I personally am not attracted to penises so this scene didn't do it for me. If this becomes a regular thing I might have to dip, since it's just not the type of content I'm looking for. As others have said, each to their own.


I thought that girl had a strange sounding voice?!?! Weird twist to an otherwise disturbing story. Allherluv knows how to make HOT-HOT-HOT storylines. Please continue.


This was a touching ending to the story. Fantastic job making Daisy's scene just as passionate and tender as the others. Her chemistry with Cadence was great.


Penises are definitely not my cup of tea, but hey, to each their own.


The final piece of The Path To Forgiveness! Thank you all so much for the support. <3




Please write back with constructive criticism, otherwise we will only have to guess what you didn't like about this scene. This scene is HUGE because it's Daisy's first experience with a girl! It's also our first time publishing a non-traditional lesbian scene on I have high hopes that you love Daisy as much as we do. We want to bring her back, like yesterday! Please vote, comment, and be please be thorough and constructive in your thoughts. We're eager to learn how to better please you. Thanks to Whitney and the ladies for "Path to Forgiveness."

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