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The Agency pt.1

Runtime: 31:49 | Added: 07/19/2020 | Featuring: Brianne Blu, Penny Pax

Categories: Fetish, Futanari, Stockings/Pantyhose

Video Description:

I'm a futanari, and we're a species that's going extinct.  A lot of people don't know there are futas like me in the world.  We're pretty rare and beautiful.  A futa means that I have a penis AND a vagina.. and sex for me and the receiver is explosively erotic, the type of pleasure that you can't even imagine.  It's the pleasure that causes many people to want us to breed, to continue on in the world so that we don't become extinct.  I joined an agency that will send me to women wanting to have a futa of their own, it's basically a 50/50 chance, if the woman has a girl, she could be a human, or a futanari.  Some of these women are futanaris themselves, but some are regular human women.. maybe they've had a sister that's a futa, a friend, and they want to help the cause of populating the world with more futas.
My first gig was with Penny Pax.  The other futas told me that she was a real ball buster.  I was nervous, to say the least, but I managed to make it to her door.  Penny is a red-headed goddess, big blue eyes like mine, porcelain skin, and voluptuous breasts that strained against the tight fabric of her dress.  I was turned on by her, but terrified at the same time.  I have never met such a fearsome dominant woman who knew exactly what she wanted to do with me.   She wanted me to grow, and she was willing to do whatever it took to see my clit burst straight through my cotton panties. 

Watch the story unfold..



When is part 2. BEing released?


hello just wondering when will part two of the agency come out


Just wondering whatever ever happened to that sequel that was supposed to drop in August. I was really looking forward to it personally.


Loved seeing Brianne in futa scenes since she worked with you years ago, and penny is always a treat. Any word on when pt. 2 is dropping?


Whens the sequel coming?


I like the theme, woman and transgender, but prefer seeing real transsexual actresses, but that my opinion. I think an actress like Natalie Mars is hot. I’m still happy to have subscribed to you side, and it is impossible to keep everybody happy, but I love you, AHL team. Love Barbra, Netherlands.


Yes futa!!!! I love seeing that so much as I know it’s rare especially on a lesbian site. It’s just so much fun and adds a fantasy element to enjoy. Seeing a beautiful female figure thrusting into another is one of the most erotic things imaginable. Please keep up the futa and as always the girls were so gorgeous. Any chance we get Krissy Lynn to do one? Lol


I wish this scene was on I have membership on missax but came over to this site for this scene specifically. I am pleasantly surprised with your other lesbian flicks. I have been enjoying myself tremendously and doing quite a lot of research tonight. Am I wrong to assume there will be more to this series? Penny mentions that she will be contacting the agency again! Thank you for taking the futa fetish into the mainstream, and please don't make this fan wait seven months to see another.


Thank you. There is one more sequel that was filmed but it won't be released until mid-August.


I guess all my begging and pleading for more futa finally paid off (wink, wink). My request is to accomplish the growth with the panties off.. and to somehow drag this exciting part of the story out. I know that in years past you used to make futananri scenes sans panty, and it's my preference, but this is just a small request. I am thrilled beyond belief to see this precious gift pop up in your website again especially when allherluv's members seemed split on the genre. THANK YOU TO BRIANNE BLUE AND PENNY PAX, for perfect casting and a perfect addition to allherluv's unique collection. 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Thanks for your enthusiasm and support, SideWalkEnforcer! Thanks for the suggestion to bring back the glue to hold the prosthetic on. We were filming the prosthetic with a medical glue that is meant for sensitive skin, but one actor had a little rash with it. It could have been from the glue, could have been from the glue remover. I didn't want to risk any other actors getting a rash so we decided no more glue. I will look into other ways to keep the prosthetic on. I'm glad you liked the scene.. the genre is a lot of fun to film.


Luv Penny nice to see her back...would luv to see these two in a g/g


Yes, I know you love Penny! I put her on schedule per your last request months ago. We also love Penny, we've worked with her for years now.. always a pleasure to work with her again. Brianne and Penny have filmed an epic girl/girl scene called "Brianne's Journey." It's a two part series, and it's very sexy.. looking forward to publishing it for you guys!


I remember, from Brianne's PoV work with MissaX, her remarkable blue eyes. I'm happy the camerawork shows them, at least a little, along with Penny's also remarkable blue eyes. Plus, a futanari scene! Win-win-win!


YES! Both women have incredible blue eyes. I think this pairing is perfect. :) Thanks for taking the time to write.

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