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Sibling Rivalry

Runtime: 37:10 | Added: 12/15/2018 | Featuring: Kenna James, Serena Blair

Categories: College, Facesitting, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Serena Blair's stepsister, Kenna James, is self centered, brutally ambitious, and hot.. undeniably sexy. Serena envied Kenna, and Kenna wants Serena. The two 18 year old women come head-to-head when Serena is pushed too far. Sexy, aggressive, and passionate lovemaking ensues.

Kenna walks in she's holding a cell phone while Serena is in the tub.
Serena covers herself, "Get out!"
Kenna rolls her eyes, "we're just girls, don't freak out."
Serena fumes, "That's IT! You can't treat me like this."
Kenna casually holds Serena the phone. Serena thinks how to grab it without exposing her breasts to Kenna. In a moment of rare consideration, Kenna turns her head so Serena will grab the phone, "look, I brought your cellphone to you.. I don't care if you call them."
Serena looks confused, snatches the cell phone.
"I was looking through your contacts and didn't see any Charlie or Charles. Is he even a real person?"
"Yes he is, what are you doing going through my phone?!"
"Trying to get you to be honest with yourself. There is no boyfriend, and there's never going to be a boyfriend. You're like me, aren't you?"
Serena looks shocked. the words echo in her mind "like me, like me," how could she read her thoughts?
Kenna explains, "I can tell the way you look at me, and you're mean to me, like when boys used to pull my hair in grade school. It's your way of flirting, isn't it?"
Serena musters her courage, "you're so obsessed with yourself that you can't imagine how appalling you sound. From the moment your mom married my dad your arrogance, and conceit, your selfish distain for the feelings of others made me realize you are the last woman in the world I would find attractive."
Kenna, "tell me more, you're making me wet."
Serena gets out of the bath, she clenches her fists.
Kenna steps closer to Serena, "what are ya gonna do.. hit me?"
Serena slaps Kenna's face.
Kenna holds her stinging cheek, she breathes heavy a few times and kisses from Serena
Serena kisses her back as she melts into Kenna's arms.
Kenna peels back from Serena's soft, supple lips, "I knew you couldn't resist me, no one can."
Serena pushes her through the hallway on the bed, "You should be punished.. you shouldn't get away with this!"
Kenna moans in ectasy, "Oh yeah.. punish me," she runs her pussy.

Serena pounces on Kenna.



Every time Kenna snort-laughs, a baby seal smiles. That's science.


This is still probably my favorite scene in this site. Just incredible.


Seriously awesome to watch hate fuck. Again these two ladies are incredible together. Was I the only one who found it great when Serena said "fuck you" and Kenna replies "oh on the contrary, fuck you" before burying her face in Serena's pussy? I found it hilarious but also incredibly damn hot


Another excellent film with the amazing Serena and Kenna. These two are among the best actresses in the industry and never fail to deliver. Their chemistry is so strong, no matter if the scene is tender or fierce, dramatic or comedic. This carries over to their sexual performances as well, they always express such a real feeling of passion.


I have to come back for a second comment. The way Kenna screamed at her to "say it" gave me goosebumps. This movie exudes raw, primal energy and was one hell of a ride. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, anticipating what would happen next. These two were made for each other. This film was hands down some of the best acting I've seen on this site. The effort that's put in to convey the passion and anger between these two characters looked so exhausting, it's clear both Kenna and Serena didn't hold anything back. Both women give us an excellent performance with a stellar display of unbridled enthusiasm and love for their craft. Amazing job! Please keep this pairing coming back for more stories!


Serena's hipster lesbian chic wardrobe is giving me life.


This was amazingly hot. I guess I was kinda hoping that Kenna would become a bit dominant and Serena would maybe grovel just a bit. When Kenna had her Almost upside down I had this crazy desire to see Serena lick her own tit....btw, Serena has the most beautiful breasts ever! Not sure why, but I wanted to see a dominant come out... Don't take this wrong tho! Loved this scene. It delivered the goods!


How come these two could be soooooo charm and cute????!!!


Dear Serena Blair: There isn't one part of you that isn't PERFECT.....


I saw the preview for this film so I had to subscribed to this site.Great decision.This scene alone was worth every dollar spent.I've been a big fan of Serena Blair [edit] and she has always very been entertaining,and Kenna James has prove in her scenes that she is the real deal.Pair them together,with this well written story and you have produced an instant classic.


Serena Blair, you're amazing! Thank you for blessing this site with not only your beauty and talent, but your time. I can tell you put your entire heart into your performances, and you've made me a fan 4 life! PLEASE more dominant scenes-- this was pure entertainment from the opening until the last minute. Who's in the sorority? What other girls? Can we expand on this story PLEASE?!


I literally got choked up reading your comment, Therealshakau. Thank you so much for your kind words. <3


Oh, and this scene alone was worth the price of my subscription. Both Serena & Kenna have to come back


Just a question, do the release dates actually mean anything?


This was something else. Great job by everyone. Amazing.


This truly is a magnum opus of sapphic erotica. Missa X, you out did yourself with the creation of this beautifully decadent film. The writing and direction kept us all throughly enthralled and entertained, the intense juxtaposition of the characters and the widely erotic hurricane of emotion that ensued was captured exquisitely. Both Kenna and Serena again ignited the screen with their intense chemistry and raw emotion. Kenna's layered character work and not so subtle manipulation were amazing and again proved that her stunningly beautiful outward appearance is second only to her strength as an actress. Serena on the other hand completely and uttered gobsmacked me again. She is by far and away one of THE BEST actress in the adult industry I have see in a long time. From her natural line delivery and overall presence, her communication of character intellect and emotion, to her killer comedic timing these are just a few of the many many talents this gorgeous woman possesses. Consider me a Serena Blair fanboy. Again to all the breathtakingly beautiful women involved, wonderful job. The intensity of "hate fuck" sex can be a tricky thing to communicate right. Either it is too rough or can come across weak if performers lack follow through, this was a classic example of "hate fuck" done right and ladies the slaps were perfect. Great job, oh and please, please bring Serena back again and Kenna too. Thanks


Holy shit.


Kenna is the universal object of any sexual desire and Serena is the meaning through we all desperately try to achieve!


I think you struck porno gold with the teaming of Serena and Kenna.


Intense! Beautiful, sexy, and intense! Incredible acting!


I'm in love with these two. The chemistry between them is electric. This site delivers the eroticism every time! Fantastic job ladies! Never have I looked more forward to upcoming releases than Subscribing for life!! 😍😍😍

LennBeng / Lenny

I'm impressed of both the girls they are very good actresses. Very good story and hot sex. Serena it looks like Kenna slap you in real as well


I fucking love that Kenna let me slap her for real!


Hate fucking done right. Mad respect ladies <3

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