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Roommate Romance

Runtime: 33:48 | Added: 07/18/2018 | Featuring: Aaliyah Love, Penny Pax

Categories: Homewrecker, Rimming, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

​P​enny wakes up from a light rest when Aaliyah gently knocks on her bedroom door. Aaliyah and her brother moved in with her two years ago when Penny was laid off of work, Aaliyah and her brother are saving up for their own house, and so living together as roommates was beneficial to all three parties. Penny has picked up a new job, long ago, and still the three are living together. Penny softly moans, "umph?" as she wakes up and Aaliyah walks in with a pillow.
"Mind if I stay with you again?"
Penny nods. This has become nearly a nightly ritual. Penny's brother and Aaliyah will argue sometimes at night, and Aaliyah will huff, "I'll just stay with your sister then." Penny's starting to think that the Aaliyah prefers to be in her bed.
The two women lay in the bed. Penny curls up with her blanket and she begins to drift off. "Penny?" Aaliyah softly calls out, "I think John wants to break up with me, this time it's for good." Penny, curious about what could be so serious, she turns on the table lamp and asks, "what's up?"
"He thinks I'm cheating on him."
"That's ridiculous," Penny scoffs but then considers, "are you?"
"No, I mean, I can't say that I haven't thought about being with someone else. Oh my god.. I feel so guilty for even having these thoughts."
"You didn't tell him you thought about cheating on him, did you?"
Aaliyah shakes her head no.
Penny sighs with relief, "good! It's totally normal to have fantasies and still be in a relationship. My brother knows you're special, you're a stunning woman, and he's scared of losing you."
"You think so?"
"I know him better than he knows himself."
Aaliyah breathes in, "I want to believe you, but I'm sure it's going to be over between us. Please don't be mad at me for saying this, I'm so scared to tell anyone, but I know I can trust you."
Penny leans forward with interest.
"He's right, I want to cheat on him."
Penny's body stiffens, part with curiosity, and partly in defense for her beloved brother, "what?!"
"You're mad? Don't tell him. You're my friend, my best friend, you wouldn't tell him, would you?"
Penny looks conflicted, she settles in the bed, "tell me what's going on with you two?"
"Well it all started when I confessed that I walked in on my brother and his girlfriend having sex, and I was fascinated by the beauty of her. She had red hair, fair skin, beautiful blue eyes, and when he fucked her, it was beautiful, like she was dancing. I could smell the sex in the room, Penny, I know it's shameful and gross because it was my brother, but it turned me on. I smelled her, her sweat, her pussy, and then later on I noticed that my pussy had the same scent. When John and I have sex, I like to go down on him after he's been inside of me, and get my scent on my lips, my taste in my mouth, and I like to imagine that I'm with a woman, not necessarily that redhead, but yeah-- she comes to mind."
Penny asks with interest, "are you telling me you're a lesbian?"
"No," Aaliyah laughs nervously, "I'm just telling you that I guess I have a little thing for redheads, for women, … but I'm not gay."
Penny, "What did my brother say about all of this?"
"Nothing.. but he's been weird around me ever since I told him. He notices when I look at another woman when we're out, and he gets jealous if I notice another beautiful woman. I DON'T stare at other women, Penny, I just notice beautiful women, just like you would notice a beautiful piece of art, or a sexy pair of shoes. It's not a big deal.
He's become really jealous and paranoid. He's got to know where I am, when I'll be back, and he doesn't like me hanging out with any of my girlfriends, he only trusts me to be around you."
Penny considers the predicament. She loves her best friend, she loves her brother. She's like the three to get along, but to be caught up in some weird love triangle with her brother? That can't be... or can she find a way to make it right?

Watch the story unfold..



These two can do anything and it just right. Would like to see of them together.


I keep coming back to this scene, it's one of my favorite g/g stories.


Great work from both ladies. The preamble was very real and the resulting intimacy made the sex even better. I hope we can see more of each of these ladies--lots more!!


Very good by-play (in every sense of the word) between the two women. Also there's a wonderful sense of intimacy. Aaliyah and Penny didn't look like they were performing for the camera, but for each other.


I second balmoral below: please make a similar storyline but Penny's [step]brother!


this was just outstanding with great dialogue and a nice realistic set up for the sex...and oh man the ass lick on Penny was so erotic and hot...when Penny says well ok i will give myself to you but just this once...then of course at the end she wants to do it again...hope you do another with these two as they try to hide from Aailyahs boyfriend and to make it hotter yet he is Pennys [step]brother

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