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Pledge Night

Runtime: 01:11:03 | Added: 09/08/2019 | Featuring: Abigail Mac, Ana Foxxx, Cadence Lux, Daisy Taylor, Julia Ann, Whitney Wright

Categories: College, Facesitting, MILF, Older/Younger

Video Description:

My name is Ana and my whole life I have never quite fit in, everything about me isolates me from other girls.  It's not that I'm a geek, a lot of people think I'm pretty, but I'm shy, painfully shy.  When the most popular girl in college, Abigail Mac, came up and asked me to join her sorority my heart dropped.  This is my chance to finally fit in, to be a part of a family, and it doesn't hurt that I get to stay there free of charge!  Abigail and the sorority girls were throwing a party for me.  There was a game, Spin the Bottle, and well-- long story short I ended up in a bed with the gorgeous Abigail playing one more game.  She wanted me to write a secret on her chest with pink lipstick.  I wrote, "I'm afraid I'll never fit in," she wrote a secret of her own on my chest, "I'm afraid I'm bad."  I found out why she's afraid she's bad when she kissed me.  She kissed me with force and sensuality, it felt confusing and marvelous.  I felt wetness trickle down inside my panties, and I was ashamed, but Abigail's kind eyes somehow made it all feel alright.  She made love to me, just as if she was a man.  I was trying to catch my breath when I heard a knock on the door.  The House Mother, Julia Ann, walked in.  Julia thanked Abigail for finding me.  I began to understand that I was chosen, not for the sorority, or because of my intellectual qualities, but I was chosen just for her.



I love this movie. Of course Abi is amazing, Julia is a legend, and Ana is just a thing of beauty. Great story as well. Just simply amazing.


This is really hot video. Abigail Mac's sexy dirty talk is really hot. Abigail Mac and Julia Ann very convincingly appear to get great pleasure at eating pussy. Their moans of pleasure while they bury their faces between Ana Foxxx's thighs make this video special. Julia Ann not only asks Ana Foxxx to sit on her face, she also instructs her to rub her pussy all over her face. A lot of lesbian scenes give the impression that a woman eats another woman's pussy just to please her partner. It is really, really hot to watch a woman eat another woman's pussy when it becomes completely obvious that she's doing it because she loves doing it.


One of the most beautiful movies we’ve had the pleasure of seeing. The first but not the last of AllHerLuv movies we’ll be enjoying. Beautiful sexy cast, beautiful sexy story beautifully directed and produced! We really think the way the movie ended, there’s a sequel to be made, maybe involving Cadence and Daisy some more.


As a new subscriber to this site (a site I've heard nothing but positive things about), this is the first scene that I've watched and it doesn't disappoint. I really like the length of the scene, which allows things to develop at something of a natural pace. The casting is excellent - Julia Ann's appearance, all dressed in black, just over half way through is a real scene stealer, and Ana Foxx is surely one of the most beautiful women working in porn. And as for Miss Wright's direction, this is something she needs to concentrate on full-time. Clearly, this is a site separated from the pack, where quality comes before quantity and is all the better for it.


Wow, just wow! Above and beyond my expectations - thank you Missa and thank you Whitney! Phenomenal scene, great work by all involved!


What I keep coming back to in this video is the conversation Ana has with Julia Ann about "using" people. Yes, Ana is free to leave, but I'm uncomfortable dismissing the peer pressure and the pressure from the house authority figure. It seems absolutely ambiguous. Yes, Ana wants something for her participation, but what she wants first is a feeling of belonging (which she says she finally knows she has), and the help students all want in discovering who they are, and are becoming. I'm not sure it's equal, she wants something, they want something from her, or that it's irrelevant. She's pledging more to them (her participation and loyalty) than I think they are to her (guidance and eventually a powerful network) as she will contribute to that, too, when the time comes. Nevertheless, we join, we want, we also give and contribute, and we have to feel we fit in, and that means a certain amount of pressure, but also sympathy and understanding. I think it's really a thoughtful, provocative story that way. Nicely done. The timing of the release was good, as this is the time of year that they're all doing this. I guess we all suspect at one time or another this is what they do in those houses.


@Missa Also I usually don't thumbs up a scene unless I really, really love it, even if it is good. Why don't you add a forum or messaging system to make communication easier?


@yukianesa I come every day. But I think you mean that you want a message board style forum. That would be very cool.. someone recommended that on a couple years ago. I asked my web designer and he came up with the blog format that you see here. It's good, it works. It could be better. I will work with him on it. Anything that will encourage more comments and discussion is great. I hear that you do not want ankle socks.. I can produce some bare feet scenes to satisfy you, just as I did with WheelsUp and his ankle sock kink. Thanks for taking the time to write!


@Missa No, I did not rate the scene. The scene was very good but I just don't like porn with socks. I only commented on the socks because I thought there was a chance that I could save myself from watching future scenes with socks.


If the socks aren't long and stylish, just take them off!


The ankle socks are there to satisfy an allherluv member, "Wheelsup." I like them, personally, although my opinion doesn't count. When actors make love partially clothed it makes me feel as if they couldn't wait to get their hands on each other. Do the white socks detract from your enjoyment of the scene? Is it enough for you to click a thumbs down button? I wish all AllHerLuv members would comment if they click a thumbs down button, to know what was so egregious for them to dislike the scene. This will help us learn to improve for your individual tastes. I'm really happy with the scene. I especially love the power play between Abigail and all the other sorority girls. I appreciate all the love Whitney put into decorating the set to make it feel like we were in a real sorority house. Abigail Mac's acting and sex performance was very impressive. Does everyone agree? I think we should see more of her! Ana Foxxx was also great, her facial expressions brings us to that very human feeling of wanting to be accepted, and fear that we might not fit when instinctively we all want to be a part of some tribe. Julia is stunning too, and it would be a lot of fun if we were to see her acting more for Although Whitney's been writing and directing for us since April, she's already heads and shoulders above directors who've been in the industry for decades. Whitney will be bringing you her first AllHerLuv feature soon! I hope you love her stories as much as I do.


Fantastic! Love the set up and build up. Abigail and Ana play their parts so well, it was easy to forget it was fiction! The naughty talk made their scene extra erotic. The facesitting looked so real and pleasurable—it was a real pleasure to watch! The little touches were extremely well done—hot and in-character, like the rimming and the finger-scooping/tasting by Abigail. I would have enjoyed a few more close ups at key moments, but I also love the wide shots to take it all in. Thanks for continually exceeding the high bar you’re setting for streaming lesbian erotica, Whitney. Looking forward to the sequel(s)!


This is a great production. I laughed, but I also felt worried for the new pledge.. it is good when you get so wrapped up in a story that you forget it's fiction. It's even better when you get so wrapped up in a story that you forget it is a porn. If I can suggest that the second scene have more lead-up. I loved the dominant play with the pledge mom, but what about her? Maybe we will learn more about Julia and her relationship with Abigail in part three?


Everyone very delightful! Everyone! I hope, Whitney, that back in Wisconsin, you'll sit down to record an interview with MissaX and talk about transitioning from performer to writer/director and back. That would rock!


Thank you Lezluvah! We were definitely blessed to have Abigail, Julia, Ana and a bunch of other great ladies on set this day. Glad you enjoyed it! And BraffZacklin- Yes! Saw your comment right after she had been cast for this so I knew you'd be happy. Ana is awesome! Thank you as well jxk91651! It's easy with a cast this great! They made it fun! I'm happy you liked it!


What an amazing video! Great cast, and Whitney did an amazing job directing (as always)!!! Definitely a new favorite video. All of this was incredible, the acting, and the connections! Great job as expected!


Hey, what do you know, just the other day I said that I wanted more Ana Foxxx, and here's two scenes in one with her! She was wonderful as always. Abigail Mac is fantastic, great addition to the site, and Julia Ann is a legend. Well done.


Love Ana Foxxx


So effing hot! Please, more Abigail Mac. She is such a sexy performer. Julia Ann is a welcome addition, too!

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