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Please Teach Me ep. 1

Runtime: 36:30 | Added: 02/07/2022 | Featuring: Alex Coal, Penny Barber

Categories: College, Homewrecker, MILF, Older/Younger, Tribadism

Video Description:

Carrie (Alex Coal) is lying on the couch right outside the front door of her English teacher (Penny Barber). "I'm waiting for you", Carrie announces. "Well, you know I have office hours", Penny states. "I know, but I wanted to talk to you one on one without any interruptions", the youngster says. "Well, this isn't a safe place you know. Anyone can see us or hear us. I have neighbors", Penny says.

"Did you want to tell me something in private?", Carrie inquires. "Not here, okay?". ""Well we could go inside", Carrie suggests. "What if my husband's in there?", Penny wonders. "I don't see another car in the driveway. You think he's home right now?", Carrie says. "He said he'd be home around seven", Penny replies. "So we wouldn't need to be discreet or quiet", the youngster concludes.

"All right, I'm going to go inside. You walk around the block a couple of times and come back in about 10 minutes, okay?", Penny says. "Okay, see you in a minute madam teacher", Carrie says, kissing Penny on the cheek. "Gosh, you really like to tempt fate, don't you?", Penny says. "Yes, it makes things more exciting, doesn't it?", Carrie says, picking up her bag and leaving.

Returning, Carrie enters the house and declares: "Nice place". "Are you trying to get me in trouble?", Penny asks. "Relax, there's nobody out there". "I don't know that Carrie, I don't know that for sure!", Penny exclaims. "What are you afraid of?", the kid asks. "Why are you torturing me like this?", Penny complains. "You're the one that seduced me", Carrie insists. "How's that going?", Penny quips."I like you". "I like you too, but you're ruthless", Penny says. "Am I?", Carrie cajoles. "This is my job, and my job is my life", Penny asserts. "We're all adults here", Carrie says.

"You're still my student", Penny points out. "Are your students usually more...passive?", Carrie wonders. "What other students?", claims Penny. "Don't tell me I'm your first?", Carrie asks. "We haven't even done anything yet", Penny insists. "You know, you're a bit of a tease", Carrie retorts. "You really think you're something", Penny says. "I am everything you ever dream of. I'm everybody's type", Carrie boasts. "That remains to be determined", Penny counters. "I could have anybody I want", Carrie claims. "Is that supposed to frighten me?", her teacher asks.

"Come on, don't you want to know what it's like?", Carrie teases, taking off her top to reveal the bra underneath. Penny eyes her, and concedes: "You are perfect:". "I know", Carrie laughs. "You're also cocky, a brat", Penny notes. "You just want to be in control. You're not happy that I won't let you be", Carrie stresses. "Who says I'm not?", Penny ripostes.

"You want me", Carrie claims. ""Well, I want you, but I don't need you. Who was the one who asked you to come here and get undressed in my living room -what if I just called the cops and had you picked up?, Penny threatens. "You're trying to trick me!", Carrie exclaims angrily. "No, but I'm not the one who's here for attention". Penny says as she caresses Carrie's thigh.

"I don't need you", Carrie declares. "Well, you're free to leave. Think I ever had your powers? I was just like you, except I was smart", Penny cajoles. "Maybe I will leave!", Carrie says, getting up. "I don't need to stand here and be insulted", the kid goes on, putting her top back on, picking up her backpack and heading for the door. "You know it's not too late to ask me to stay", Carrie taunts. Penny sits there silently, and Carrie leaves in a huff, slamming the door behind her.

Penny starts counting out loud. "You're not getting rid of me that easy", Carrie declares as she quickly returns. "Well, I'm glad you came to your senses", Penny notes. "Must have been torture", Carrie asserts. "Oh, it was unbearable", Penny says sarcastically. "Did you touch yourself?", Carrie asks. "The minute you left", Penny lies. "It excites me too, thinking about you. I lie awake touching myself, just thinking about it", Carrie says. "I don't know if I love you or hate you", Penny wonders.

"You don't have to love me", Carrie asserts. "Most of the other girls aren't so bold", Penny says. "Maybe you just go after easy marks. I'm not like other girls", Carrie counters. "Like I said, this is my first time", Penny says, sitting down next to the girl. "Bullshit! You're a cherry hound", Carrie declares. "A cherry", Penny muses. "Uh huh, I see how you look at the other girls. You like the shy ones, the little virgins", she mocks. "I'm not so picky, because if I was you wouldn't be here", Penny murmurs, stroking Carrie's thigh..

"Are you normally so slow? Are you used to shy little girls who don't know what they want? Maybe you don't know what to do with me", says Carrie impatiently. "I just haven't decided whether you're worth it yet", Penny claims. "Of course I'm worth it", the kid boasts. "You're a liability". "I'm just trying to rile you up", Carrie concedes.

"Well, if this happens, you can't go blabbing to the whole world 'cause you could get in trouble too. You may get kicked out", Penny points out. "Probably", Carrie agrees. "Well, probably isn't good enough", the teacher notes. "There has to be risks you're willing to take", Carrie maintains. "No, because secrets are fun, and I like to set my own, private little desires", Penny says, while gently kissing Carrie repeatedly.

"Oh you English teachers are all alike. You have exciting interior lives, but you're barely alive otherwise", Carrie says knowingly. "I lived a thousand lifetimes before you even set foot at my door", Penny enthuses. Carrie kisses her on the neck and continues kissing down along the teacher's body. Watch the romance unfold...

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