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Love is a Rebellious Bird

Runtime: 39:28 | Added: 10/22/2018 | Featuring: Alison Rey, Bree Daniels, Shyla Jennings

Categories: Tribadism

Video Description:

Synopsis: A manipulative and delightful Bree Daniels pursues Shyla Jennings, a bright-eyed 18-year-old talent with big dreams. Cameo by Alison Rey.

Special thank you to AllHerLuv, Ossie Nelson, for sharing his fantasy with us. Please remember your voice counts on AllHerLuv. Share your fantasies, your comments, and thank you for being a part of our playhouse. Original story link (without story additions): "Singing Lessons" ossienelson4



I keep coming back to watch this scene. It has so much depth. 10/10


Bree and Shyla - couldn't be better ! You have won my heart for ever (just make sure you keep it up !!). This shows that Bree really can act, and enjoys being the player. She is also the most gorgeous woman on the planet. She and Shyla have worked together a lot already, and it shows. They trust each other implicitly (sexually), and that makes such a difference.


This was great.. Great chemistry by all Wonderful story Gary


I joined this site as a knee jerk (or some kind of jerk) reaction.... to Shyla. Damn I love this girl. And what I love, is her apparently genuine reaction to the pleasures of sex with women. I don't think you can fake what this girl radiates during sex. I especially love her with older women - scenes with Zoey H, India S, & Veronica V, from days past were f'ing EXPLOSIVE!. If you can bottle that … that type of chemistry and intensity, you will do quite well here. Thx


I have to say I was excited to see this film since I saw the cast tweet they were working together for this site. Shyla and Bree have always had great chemistry in their scenes. So I knew it was going to be good. Another incentive was I know the author, Ossienelson, and was thrilled to see one of his stories get produced. I just joined AllHerLuv and I see amazing potential especially after this video. It was well made from top to bottom. The wardrobe is even perfect for the story. Shyla looks adorable and downright cozy in her sweater and blue jeans. Bree, with her hair, and porcelain skin, rocks the cocktail dress and the burglar garb. Easy to see her as the hunter and Shyla the prey. But what makes this tale different is the humor. From the long wait at the door, to even Bree still wearing her boots, then her facial reactions. The dialogue flowed right off the actors lips. Bree had such fantastic quotes "I've taught talentless twats who now own yachts." "My blessings are my caressing." and "Persian lamb." hahaha Shyla reacted just as I'm sure the viewers did "Persian lamb?!" Like "what the hell does that mean?" I could keep going as there are many. I loved the build up to the sex, which was excellent by the way. But I knew that was a given since both actors are Girl on Girl All Stars. I did enjoy the attention paid to Bree's fabulous bosom. Anyway, instead of Shyla being too naïve and letting Bree seduce her, she does show restraint and it gives way for more story and certainly worth it. Once we see just who Bree is, things begin to make sense. The boots, the dress, and her "unorthodox" teaching style. Missa X did a wonderful job adapting Mr. Ossienelson's piece and made a good call by adding that ending. Fabulous finish. Both characters fleeing the scene. This gives a definite window, no pun intended, for a sequel. And in that episode I believe will see the adorable Alison Rey get in on the fun. Maybe with both ladies? Hmmm. Well I've said a lot but I couldn't help it. Five stars all the way. I hope there's more collaboration with everyone involved in the future.


WOW! What amazing great story and a great filmed! I definitely loves the characters in the movie! Hopefully there a part 2 to this cause I would love to see what happen next for the characters. Very well written and execute the story into film. Great job missa x and ossienelson4! It was a great funny and yet sexy video and I believe it's one of my new fav vid!


So ok after the third and fourth viewing of this masterpiece I just had to add a little something that I neglected to on my previous comment. Again huge kudos to Ossie, for the source material. But what truly struck such a chord (no pun intended) with me was Bree's strong character development and communication of motives not to mention her gorgeous eye work, I could seriously watch her eyes forever, so beautiful. Of course I can not leave out the beautiful Shyla, her strong character work always shows through in everything she does but what struck me this time was her comedic timing, it was brilliant so clever and charming. Also I neglected to thank you Missa X for one, giving us the fans the opportunity to share our creativity with you and second, your continuing standard of excellence in bring truly exquisite female erotica to the world, you are the maestro of these sapphic tales. Oh yeah on a side note, when I saw Bree appear outside the house I was so looking forward to some weird twin Bree double team of Shyla, maybe that was just me, anyway keep up the great work and next time I expect to see more the Alison, please:)


Thanks for all the praise. However, though a good portion of the story and dialogue is mine, Missa X seamlessly expanded it and put a great twist. She is a major talent. Also both Shyla and Bree are superb.


Shyla is beautiful, sexy and funny, the Goldie Hawn of her age. Bree is sinister and deliciously duplicitous. The twisted story is masterful, congratulations Ossie. Thanks AllHerLuv for bringing this to the screen, i'm looking forward to seeing Shyla again and again and......


Fantastic, with a big emphasis on fan! Thank you Ossie Nelson (ossiennelson4) for such a creative story and such brilliant writing, you truly created a wonderfully erotic piece of sapphic poetry. I really felt that all the women brought to life your erotic writing and I am very much looking forward to experiencing many more of your creative tales to come! Keep up the excellent work.


Wow! Nice story ossiennelson4! Amazing adaptation, Miss Missa! Such beautiful, talented women! I'm afraid I was too riveted to laugh, but I did breathe very heavily.


I was not expecting to laugh as much as I did, but Bree is hilarious. The reciting of the musical scale during sex was comic genius. Kudos to ossienelson for this wonderful story. Thanks to Bree and Shyla for their work. I enjoy watching them work together. Enjoyable scene. 😘😘

LennBeng / Lenny

I am very impressed with what you accomplished with osiennelson4 story. Excellenta actresses and a really good story. Thank you Missa X, thanks Bree and Shyla and thanks ossiennelson4


Absolutely wonderful. First of all, thank you for putting my name in Shyla's lips. That is my special kind of Video Valhalla. Second, thank you for taking my fluff of a story and turning it into this comic erotic masterpiece. Bree is hilariously deadpan and Shyla plays beautifully off her. The sex is hot while maintaining the wit which is quite a trick. I love the twist and the laugh out loud ending. Third, just countless praise.


Very good vid, Both women always perform awesome together. Bree is a really beauty, as is Shyla. Haven’t seen Shyla go hairless down yonder before, but anything she rocks is beautiful.

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