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Like I Do

Runtime: 27:24 | Added: 01/30/2018 | Featuring: Aubrey Sinclair, Krissy Lynn

Categories: Dude Alert, Homewrecker, MILF, Older/Younger, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Krissy is arguing with her husband. He believes that his daughter is turning Krissy against him, and even though Aubrey is 18, she is still living under his roof, and deserves punishment for her behavior. Krissy is adamant against spanking but her husband insists it's the only way to set her straight. She enters Aubrey's room and sees Aubrey still awake. "Your father wants me to spank you. I know it's absurd. Let's just tell him that we did tomorrow morning, ok?" Aubrey smirks, she insists that he is intent on hurting her. "Spank me," she tells Krissy, "tell him you made me cry and then watch his face.. if you see that he is satisfied, then you'll know I was right." Krissy thinks the whole idea is strange, and just as she's searching for the words to reason with Aubrey, Aubrey begins to taunt her. Krissy becomes enraged at Aubrey's language and grabs her by the hair and bends her over the knee. She spanks her with all of her strength and Aubrey tried to hide her pleasure moans. The feeling of her mother's hand so close to her pussy makes her squirm with pleasure. Krissy's senses come to her as her anger cools and she feels awful for what she's done. "Oh honey, I.. I.. I'm so.." she stammers looking to find a way to apologize, but Aubrey interrupts, "go and tell him, GO!" Krissy leaves in a hurry. The following morning Krissy comes downstairs alone as Aubrey is watching cartoons on the sofa. "Where's daddy?" "He's staying at the White Pier Hotel." Aubrey is intensely curious if her experiment worked but all Krissy wants to do is sincerely apologize for her behavior. "It's not in my nature to spank," she explains. It was at that moment when Aubrey noticed the glimmer of opportunity.. "yes, it hurts so bad. It was throbbing and stinging all night long, I could barely sleep," she whines in her sweet little voice. Krissy, "I'll get some aloe lotion, it will help with the stinging," she hands Aubrey the bottle but Aubrey wants Krissy to apply it, "please Mommy, you do it." Krissy rubs the warm lotion over Aubrey's youthful perky ass, and Aubrey whimpers and moans. Krissy tries to ignore the obvious when her cellphone rings, "it's daddy," she tells Aubrey. She answers the phone and Aubrey begins to kiss her stepmother's lips, down her neck, she purrs. "What's that noise," her father asks Krissy. "Oh, hm.. it's the cat," Krissy lies. Krissy tries to hold back her pleasure as she wraps up the phone call. Aubrey is breaking her down, little by little, she is becoming her lover. Watch the story unfold..



I liked pretty much everything about this scene with the exception of 1 thing....why leave your clothes on while having sex? Maybe its an artistic thing...or a directorial thing I dunno but Im not a fan of it. I absolutely love stepmom daughter scenarios so yes I really enjoyed this but Aubrey leaving on her top throughout the scene was a huge downer...sometimes even covering her tits. That was the only thing I didn't like bout this scene.


Awesome story and Krissy OMG and the way Aubrey plays her Loved it !!!


Fantastic. Both Krissy and Aubrey played their parts perfectly. Really want to see these two again here, with each other and with other women.


I'm new to ALLHERLUV, but here's so feedback: 1). I love girl girl seduction between older/younger where older is reserved and younger is aggressive... almost to the point of dominating.... 2). Loved the bit where husband calls, she talks to him, and younger keeps playing...wish that had gone further... This is my favorite video so far. Love this site! Mark


Beautiful and brilliant. The passion, had a little by anger, carries it away.


after my month trial waited few days to join for a year and this shoot was first i viewed and it was just a wonderful scene with a typical Missa moment when Aubrey untied Krissys robe... as simple as it sounds it was erotic as hell... and just got better from there...great work again with the reluctance that is the key to any seduction


Brilliant! Love the mentally controlling, somewhat dominant interplay, role that Aubrey plays; and Krissy does a masterful job trying to juxtaposition her role as step parent and beckoning lover. Btw, I thoroughly enjoyed Krissy's classic perved out smirk she gives with that first round of heavy foreplay on the couch. You KNOW she is beyond turned on. The ending was perfect! Sets up a sequel perhaps? Well done!

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