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Life After Divorce pt. 2

Runtime: 31:18 | Added: 07/11/2020 | Featuring: Ariel X, Jade Baker, Penny Barber

Categories: Romance, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

My step-sister called me in tears telling me her world was falling apart.  Ariel is now divorced, she's living with her stepdaughter Jade, and she wants my help in keeping an eye on her while she looks for a job.  All of this is a little awkward, to say the least, the last time I was in Ariel's home, we got into an argument and she asked me to leave.  My stepniece was devastated that I was leaving, but that's a story for another time.  At the end of our shouting match, I was kicked out of my own sister's home!  I vowed that I would never speak to her again, but when I heard my strong sister, always the tough one, crumbling in tears, I had to come to rescue her.
Me and my step-sis grew up in what some would call a 'complicated home life.'   Our parents were hard on us, and we reacted to the extreme structure and religious shaming in different ways.  I rebelled.  Ariel tried her best to live up to their endless standards, and as a result, she finds herself never fully satisfied.  I know that my main objective is to help her see a different point of view.  I want her to set her mind and body free.  I have a way to teach her that some might call a little unorthodox, but it'll work.. I hope. 

Watch the story unfold.



I liked it was sexy...


There's really nothing I like more in porn than performers working up a sweat. The more the better, and this scene certainly delivers.


This movie was so good, especially the scene with Ariel X and Penny Barber! I especially loved the rimming! I really hope you make a part 2 where Ariel X gets together with Jade Baker. That would be an extremely hot pairing!






Wow, glad they brought Arielx to this site. She's so gorgeous and kinky. Please bring her back for more.


I love that lingering look that Penny Barber gives the camera at the end of the scene. She knows something we perhaps don't. Like whether or not there's a part three on the way.


YES! She is either reminiscing or brewing a plan.. I think the latter. I hear you guys want us to continue with this story, give us a little time and we can make it happen!


I absolutely loved this scene. Everything in it was incredibly hot, especially as the others have mentioned, the ass play and oral (especially at the end). I also absolutely loved the story and the reveals in this scene about Penny and Ariel's pasts. The ending was truly perfect. I loved the happy ending soo much. Honestly I'm torn between wanting more like the others and just being sooo satisfied with ending. I'd love the best of both worlds with a continuation showing Penny and Ariel happy and maybe Jade bringing home a girlfriend from college. Especially if it makes Penny jealous.


I like how you think!


There was a point in this scene when Penny had her grips on Ariel that was especially captivating for me. Ariel X went from a professional woman, a mature and capable grown woman, to a vulnerable little girl with a hint of both fear and acceptance. It was at that point when I became a full fledged fan of Ariel. There's something about a strong woman, mentally and physically, reduced by seduction. I knew Penny could do whatever she wanted with Ariel. Ariel was entirely in her hands, and fuck.. she was so willing. During the sex Ariel worked up a sweat, and the beads swelled up and trickled down her body making me wish I could jump right in and bring her to orgasm with Penny. I humbly request the women have sex on a soft surface that didn't make so much noise (the couch is distracting from the women). The ending is sublime. Penny Barber is phenomenal and I agree with the other members when they ask for more of this story. It is also my eager and humble request to give us MORE of this trio. MissaX, please do this for ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!


I hear you. Ariel is awesome, and the sweaty sex was hot. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I am so glad you liked "Life After Divorce."


thank you for the ass licking


Nice to see not the normal roster of Milfbians Penny and Ariel were a nice fresh duo even though their veterans with gaps in their resumes their girl game was intense all though they jumped into the action a little fast and the scene was some what short.How ever I enjoyed the the end witch left open a option for more action later a winner!!!!!!!


Milfbians?! I've never heard of that before, love it. Thanks for taking the time to write, glad you enjoyed it.


I agree with the other two. Both scenes are terrific, but I would love to see this story continue. A grand finale with all three would be perfect, or at least a scene with Ariel and Jade. Keep up the good work!!


As ottertail said it so well the 2 scenes need a sequel. As I can live with this end I wouldn’t mind a part 3 with a happy threesome all 3 are happily living together, and have multiple huge orgasms. Thanks team Love Barbra, Netherlands


I keep thinking of a prequel, but a sequel could be nice. Thanks for taking the time to write,


Really Really well done all the way to the finish...nice touch with Penny grinning into the a lover of oral the ass play was so hot and erotic (more please!) and the camera in the brightly lite room was perfect with great angles captured...10 plus.... only wish Jade and Ariel had a go of it

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