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Lesbian Cooties

Runtime: 29:07 | Added: 06/06/2018 | Featuring: Ivy Wolfe, Scarlett Sage

Categories: Romance, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Ivy is coming home from college and she senses immediately her relationship with her stepsister is "different," she can't quite pin point what's going on. Scarlett watches her, keeping her distance, as if Ivy is a wild beast, and without warning Ivy may pounce and maul her with lesbian intentions at any moment. Ivy musters up all her courage, "are you ok.. with me?"
Scarlett breathes a sigh of relief, "thank GOD you brought it up!" We're all a little confused, you were straight, then you're gay, and now you're single so.. what are you?"
"I don't know Scarlet. I guess I am just "me." Scarlett nods and looks away hoping she is back to her old self, the old step-sister that she used to be. The girl who would stay up all night with her and girl talk about boys, about school, about everything.
Ivy's heart aches, she looks at Scarlett hoping for approval.
Scarlett sees that Ivy will not admit or deny her lesbianism so she comes up with her back up plan.. "So I guess we should just get all the weirdness out in the open and over with, right? We might as well just talk about talk about the bedroom situation"
Ivy, "what's wrong with our room? Did they turn it into an office or something?"
"No, but who's going to sleep in our bedroom?" Scarlett considers a generous act, and proudly states, "I'll sleep here and you can sleep in your old bed."
"Why wouldn't you sleep in your bed in our room?"
"Well I mean.. I guess we could.. yeah.. [Ivy interrupts]
Ivy, "No of course.. I see what's going on. I have lesbian cooties. You think my lesbianism is painted on me and if I touch you, it's going to rub off on you."
Scarlett's eyes are wide, it's true that she has worried about catching lesbianism like some sort of disease, "no, that's not it at all."
Ivy pokes Scarlette with her index finger and draws her hand back playfully.
Scarlett winces.
"You've got it.. you're infected. Oh maybe I should hug you and get it all over you"
Scarlett stands up, "now you're being immature."
"Maybe I should just kiss you with my lips that have been all over vagina!"
Ivy grabs Scarlett and Scarlet scoots away, "you're being stupid"
Ivy dramatically sighs, "Ooh Scarlet, how can I Help myself? Ever since I became a lesbian I have no restraint when it comes to beautiful women." She tries to grab Scarlett but Scarlett escapes.
Scarlett dips and dodges Ivy's lesbian advances until she trips and falls on the rug, "Ahh! Stop being weird!"
Ivy laughs, grabs Scarlet and kisses her on the lips with a peck.
Scarlett recoils in shock and looks at Ivy.
Ivy laughs, "you're ego is too much, Scarlet, honestly! Hopefully you can come back to earth soon. In the meantime.. I'm going to put my bag up in our room."
Scarlett nods, "Alright" Ivy leaves, carrying her heavy suitcase up the stairs. Scarlett watches her ass as she struggles with the bag. She touches her lips, they still feel warm from Ivy's kiss, they tingle. Scarlett looks closer and sees that Ivy isn't wearing panties, she wonders, is this a lesbian thing? She considers for a moment helping her step-sister, but she feels shocked at what just happened, she was kissed for the first time by a girl, and my God.. she liked it.

Watch the story unfold...



More Scarlett and Ivy...they are so hot!!!


Another contender for my favorite top 5. You portraited this romance so good, again I was enchanted. What a beautiful girls. Have to see another one. Thank you With Love Barbra


Scarlett and Ivy together are gold. Hopefully we'll get more of them, together and with other women.


Wowowo so hot


Oh my, I am without words. This film has been on my must-see list since joining this wonderful site and finally I summoned up the courage to experience it and experience I did. First off I was so excited to see that Scarlett co-wrote the film, I love when the stars are able to express their many talents not only through acting but writing as well. Now to the beautiful multi-talented stars of the show, Ivy is so captivating to watch, her natural line delivery and character motivation not to mention eye communication continue to make me quiver with awe. Scarlett's beautifully realized character transition just blew me away. I was awe-struck at how Scarlett was able to ravage the Wolfe which is no easy task but she did and it was exquisite. The chemistry between this two gorgeous ladies is so palpable and real. There was not one second wasted in this masterpiece of erotic cinema, from the spit play (a personal favorite) to the foot play (again a favorite) to witnessing Ivy's luscious tongue licking Scarlett's ear and armpit (again a fav). I really think what makes what MissaX creates so damn erotic is the time they take establishing such meaningful characters and trusting their talented performers to make those characters real, which they do every time.


Scarlett and Ivy have the best chemistry.

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