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Last Of My Kind pt. 2

Runtime: 21:52 | Added: 07/27/2018 | Featuring: Jill Kassidy, Whitney Wright

Categories: Dude Alert, Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Whitney has been captured and secured inside a holding center to study why there are lesbians after the purge. She clutches her body looking for comfort. Her once-perfect body is riddled with bruises and scrapes. Jill's heels echo as she approaches the cell. Jill smiles mischievously, "Hello lover"
Whitney looks up in surprise, "Jill!"
Jill shushes Whitney as she looks over her shoulder to make sure the guards aren't looking. "I cut the security cameras. I need to get you out of here. We only have 10 minutes before they pop back on."
Whitney sneers, "you're the one who put me in here."
"I know you're angry, but you have to trust me. This is part of the plan!"
Whitney scrunches her brow, "the plan for what?"
Jill hears footsteps echoing down the same hall she walked. She bites her lip hoping that they turned right instead of left. "I have no time to explain it all to you. C'mon the door is open!"
Whitney shakes her head in distrust, "This is a trick."
Jill looks shocked.
"They finally let me loose in this cell, I am not going back to the padded room, or strapped to the table."
Jill whispers, "Whitney.. I took the money to secure a place for us. There is a place for us, an island, lots of women are on the island.. it's a new life, a secret community that's safe. We have to go. We don't have time.. I can't say anymore. "
Whitney scoffs, "I belong in here. I'm sick."
Jill's heart breaks for Whitney, what have they done to convince her that she's sick? "You're not sick," she tells her with conviction. Whitney looks at Jill in anger and betrayal, "If you don't leave, I'll scream. I'll tell them you're trying to break me out."
"Please, Whitney, please.."
Jill clamps her hand over Whitney's mouth, "Whitney!"
Whitney peels Jill's hand away, "you sold me out. Is this another experiment? Some sort of sick game to see if the freak lesbian will take the bait a second time?"
Jill tries to pull Whitney in to her, "you're not a freak."
Whitney scoffs, "that's what they tell me. They say my brain is smaller than a heterosexual, and I cant be trusted in society because I'm morally fucked."
"You know that is not true. I know this is crazy, Whitney, you have to believe me. I want you. I want to be with you.. but not in this world. I've found a place."
Whitney, "You found a place, you found a place.. I hope they catch you when the cameras come back to, or when the guard does his check. I hope they strap you to a table like they did me earlier, force you to watch lesbian porn, and zap your brain with electricity when you feel turned on."
Jill looks at her hopelessly, "that's horrific."
Whitney shrugs her shoulders, "Maybe they're right. Maybe I'm sick."
Jill looks at Whitney with empathetic eyes, "you can't believe them, you know how bright you are. Your intelligence is part of the reason I find you so sexy." She pulls Whitney in close to her body. The two women embrace and Whitney searches Jill's eyes for truth. She wants to believe her. She wants to fall in love. Jill whispers, "kiss me and you'll believe me." Whitney is frozen, she studies Jill's face in the hopes that something will tell her if she is sincere or lying to her again. She wants to believe.
Jill whispers, "trust me."

Watch the story unfold..

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