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Runtime: 59:36 | Added: 08/22/2018 | Featuring: Kristen Scott, Scarlett Sage

Categories: Romance, Tribadism

Video Description:

Some people use dating sites to find love. Some people go to the local bar. Some people are not me. I'm a lesbian in a small town and the list of qualifications for my perfect girl are so long that I'm not opposed to looking into the straight pool of girls. I'm also extremely busy. I run the only auto-body shop in town and I don't have time to travel the world looking for the perfect girl. What's a lonely lesbian girl to do? I'll tell you if you promise not to judge me, after all, don't we all cut corners if we can?
I'll confess. I've got a guy, Jay, who will search out the big cities for the perfect girl. I like extroverted-types, just like my late wife, Sarah. Sarah was the perfect woman, petite, blonde, big blue eyes, with a smile that would light up the room. She was always inspiring me to live outside my comfort zone, meeting new people, traveling he world to see operas and plays. She was a playwright and took commissions for her stories that, to this day, are still played all over the world. I like a girl that has an artistic side. Jay knows where to hang out to find an extroverted artist, but she also has to sweet, almost naive, and very open to falling head over heels in love. Jay's a handsome guy, and sometimes he'll use his charm to lure straight girls, if they meet the criteria. I'm not opposed to seducing a straight girl, hell-- I love a challenge.
I'm going to meet Scarlett today. Scarlett is a petite blonde, just like my Sarah, with blue eyes and a big smile. She's a lonely girl, she's been living alone in New York City for four years and she just lost her job as a textbook editor. She has aspiration to be a writer, and Jay thinks she has potential to be successful. "This one's different," he tells me on the phone, "she's smart, genuinely sweet, and there's something vulnerable about her." My heart jumps in anticipation, a gorgeous girl, an artist, looking for love.. and if she's wounded, she should be easy prey.

Watch the story unfold..



All I can say is WOW! Kristen's acting is honestly what led me to that you gave us great actors, story, and intimacy


What a great story and so well acted! Loved it!


Is there a way to get subtitles?


I'm sorry that we do not have a way to get subtitles, at this time. Thank you for your suggestion.


Catfish is what led me to this veritable mecca of storytelling, plot development, and, yes, sultry hotness. Will the world end if there is no continuation? No. Perhaps not knowing how this all shakes out is part of what makes it so gripping, but the narrative and the excellent performances really make me want to know what the hell is about to happen here. And because I get overly bogged down in minutiae, Scarlett's expression at 55'52" utterly flummoxed me. That micrometer of eyebrow movement and the flicker of satisfaction infused into the tempestuous intensity with which she's regarding Kristen Scott are absolutely atomic.


I would have preferred if Kristen had sat on her face and rode for an orgasm...


This is phenomenal.


This scene is probably the best thing my eyes have ever seen in my entire 23 years of existence. THANK YOU!


Scarlett's best scenes are on this site. I love how this site shows off her acting ability. Congrats on the nomination. I hope she wins.


I really hope that scene will win an Award! Best scene ever!!!! Thank You Missa for giving a so intelligent and mature content. Scene so beautiful are nowhere else than on Allherluv!!!!


This was amazing! Great performance by these women. The story kept me intrigued and the ending didn't disappoint. MissaX is a very skilled storyteller. It's hard to keep my attention but I could not stop watching until the very end. Good job 👌👍👏.


It took me time to watch this.. But was it worth it .. Awesome!!!


Wow, that was incredible. I could watch Scarlett and Kristen together for forever. So much tenderness, compassion and electrified erotism that it melts the screen. Beautifully written, performed and directed. I will say it again AllHerLuv is far and away the best Girl on Girl site on the net. Keep up the stellar work.


Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words.


both girls just outstanding with a nice story to back up really good lovemaking....very erotic when Kristen sneaks into Scarletts bedroom only wish that would have progressed a bit into something.....but man when Kristen went down on her later it was perfectly shot-- compliments on the camera work just a beautiful site captured


Thank you for the kind words. The ladies worked hard in this piece. In the end, Scarlett called cut because she wanted to continue on in the tribbing position (as you can see in the outtakes), she is too much fun.

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