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As You Wish

Runtime: 38:59 | Added: 08/29/2018 | Featuring: Aaliyah Love, Penny Pax

Categories: Dude Alert, Futanari, Taboo, Toys

Video Description:

SYNOPSIS: Aaliyah is a horny curious girl who thinks she is in love with her neighbor, but actually loves her adopted sister Penny. Penny tries to help her by casting a love spell that will make Chad fall in love with Aaliyah, when Aaliyah chants the words while staring at Penny's breasts, it makes her dreams come true, a hot redhead with a strong throbbing cock.

I'm head over heels in love with our neighbor, Chad White. I've been dropping these subtle hints hoping he'd notice. I found out what gym he went to, and I joined. I try to workout when he works out and I wear my hottest spandex leggings. He works at the bodyshop and I took my car in to fix that dent in my door.. oh did I mention that I put that dent in the door? I wore the shortest mini skirt and kept hoping he would look at my legs, my finest asset, but no, he had his eye on the car and his clipboard the entire time! As I write to you, I am sitting outside my patio, pretending to read with my back arched in such a way that my breasts look so full, my waist looks tucked and tiny, and my ass looks divinely plump. I've practiced this pose, it's my signature.. it'll surely catch his attention. I look over and he waves to me! I wave back happily, this is my moment, he'll come over and start a conversation, and then we'll go out to eat, fall in love, get married, a boy for him, a girl for me. Penny comes into the patio.
I urge her to go. back inside, what if he sees a hot redheaded and prefers her to me! She rolls her eyes at me in a sweet way. She tries to tell me how she would just "ask him out," I try not to look at how hot her breasts look in that peach top. The things you notice when you're hot and horny, right? It's not like I would be into a girl or anything.. and I hope that you, dear reader, wouldn't make an assumption that I am some sex fiend, or a closeted lesbian or anything.. Penny said something.. I didn't catch it. My thoughts can be so loud, at times.
Penny assures me that she can help me, if I can be open-minded. She has a gift. It must be kept a secret if she tells me. I lean forward with great interest.

Watch the story unfold..



I love how your Futa scenes really seem like the one with the penis, treats it how a man would react. Its up there with the anime counterparts, which is hard for other studios to capture, that I watched in the past. Great content. Please give more Futanari scenes for 2019!


This is brilliant. Aaliyah as a respelled nymphomaniac to Penny's seduced feta. This is great stuff. I would love to see these two have another go with the roles reversed a bit.


Yeah, top tier content here. Aaliyah really sells it. ANOTHER!!!


Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaah..


As You Wish, Genyun! ;) I am glad you liked the scene.

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