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The Company Party

Runtime: 46:26 | Added: 12/19/2017 | Featuring: Adriana Chechik, Aubrey Sinclair, Sofi Ryan

Categories: Threesome

Video Description:

Adriana leans back into the comfortable cushion of the patio chair when she hears the sliding glass door open, she jumps snuffs out her smoke and she looks, it's just Sofi Ryan. Sofi's her new co-worker. She's a sweet girl but she's young, and Adriana has taken her under her wing to show her the ropes at McClaren Sales. Sofi coughs, "I can't believe you're using Mrs. McClaren's fine china for an ashtray, and everyone is out there, they're going to notice you're missing." Adriana smiles and lets her know that she's been with this company for six years now, she knows exactly what she's doing. Sofi smiles at Adriana, she likes that Adriana takes care of her, and the two women are so similar, she feels happy they're working together and forming such a nice friendship. Sofi has a secret that she's been dying to tell Adriana, "I looked under her bathroom cabinet and found a half gallon of lube!" Adriana laughs out load, "I can't believe you snooped around." Sofi nods, "..there's more." Adriana leans forward in interest. Sofi whispers, "I went to her bedroom and found naked pictures of her with a tall blonde." Adriana gasps, "Nooo!" Mrs. Mclaren opens the door, she's wearing a sharp pencil skirt, business jacket Adriana exhales, white smoke plumes out of her mouth and she snuffs out her smoke in the saucer.

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