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Is Squirting A Real Thing?

Runtime: 24:27 | Added: 11/25/2017 | Featuring: August Ames, Katrina Jade

Categories: Squirting, Taboo, Tribadism

Video Description:

Includes: August Ames and her roomie Katrina Jade, squirting

In August's words: I can't believe I have to share a room with Katrina! It's so unfair. I can tell that I annoy Katrina by my habits of always leaving the door unlocked, and complaining when she listens to her loud music (so she wears headphones). I look at her as I get into my pajamas, and I notice how much she's changed. It's not just her tats either, she has full breasts now to match her hourglass shape, she looks.. sexy. Just like one of the women from my erotica novels, she looks wildly feminine. I wonder if Katrina was a late-bloomer like me. I don't dare ask her, I see her look at me out of the corner of her eye as she reads her book, listens to her music with the headphones on. We've had our arguments, and it's a shame, I wish things could be like they used to be, we used to be so close.

I get into bed, Katrina follows. "I'm in," she says to me, which signals me to turn the lights off. I sneak my erotic novel out from under my pillow when I think she's settled and I grab my mini-flashlight. I get so lost in my book that I masturbate. It's alright.. as long as I am quiet.

In Katrina's words.

I hear August masturbating underneath the bunk and I roll my eyes. I can't believe she thinks I can't hear her. I love her, really, but she can be so annoying. I lay in bed with my eyes open listening to her softly whimper and moan, and I feel myself get wet. Am I turned on? No. It's just a pavlovian response. If you hear someone moaning, you will feel turned on.. and well, since I am turned on, I might as well touch myself. I close my eyes and try to think about a man, but August's feminine voice makes it difficult. I think about her, and how if we didn't have so much history together, we might have a little fling. I've been with women before, three to be exact, and there's nothing like it. I roll down my satin nightie and I touch my breasts. I start to breathe heavier, it feels amazing. I hear August moaning a little louder, and I let myself go along with her. She won't notice, she's too far into her fantasy, as am I. I listen to her and I forget myself.. I'm about to cum. I can hear she's about to cum. I finger myself until I cum, we climax together in a symphony. It was just then I realized, she heard me, and she knows I heard her.

I listened to August's breath. I hoped to hear her cover herself, click her flashlight off, and go to sleep. Instead there was a deafening silence, neither of us knew what the other would say. August broke the silence, with a "Kat.. are you okay?" I decided to ignore her, if I ignore her she'll think I'm sleeping and then... "yeah, I'm fine." Oh, no! Why did I answer her?! August turned the lights on and stood up. I was so embarrassed I could barely make eye contact. Yes, I did cum while fantasizing about being with August. And was August turned on by me as well?

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