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A Foreign Exchange: Blair & Lexi

Runtime: 21:36 | Added: 12/09/2017 | Featuring: Blair Williams, Lexi Belle

Categories: Dude Alert, Toys

Video Description:

My lips went from his lips, to his chin, down his chest, and I was pawing at his hard cock. *knock, knock*. Lexi was at the door! Dan panicked, was he going to go out the window, in the closet, under the bed?! "I need to hide," he whispered to me. He slid behind the bed, and I welcomed Lexi into my bedroom. Lexi had a serious question for me, she needed advice, and she said, "I've felt like I've known you for a long time, maybe you won't mind if I share with you something personal?" My heart goes out to Lexi. She seems sheltered, I'll bet her parents don't let her get out much. I assured her that she could tell me anything, and the secret would be safe with me. I see Dan's head start to pop up from under the bed, and I discretely shove him down when Lexi isn't looking. Lexi confessed that she has never had an orgasm with herself or with her new boyfriend. She looks at me with tear-filled eyes, "I feel like I'm not a complete woman, like I'm broken or something." I tell her that she might need help from a toy, and I have a phenomenal toy that I can teach her how to use. I pull out my vibrating pink friend from behind my pillow. Lexi's eyes light up with curiosity. Watch the story unfold..

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